Jesper Kyd not returning to score AC3.

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This news is kind of old, but it's new to me.

Pretty disappointed to be honest, from what I've seen so far, trailers/gameplay...I haven't heard any ambient music...everything has sounded too over the top. 

Balfe did a pretty good job with the MP and SP cutscene music in Revelations, but when roaming the city, I don't see him being able to replace what Jesper did for the series. 

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yeah i didn't hear any either. i really like the backround music when playing in AC2, it made the game much more enjoyable.

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Yeah, sorry to see the ol' Kydd go. lol His music in ACII, especially for Venice, was just fantastic. Venice is probably one of the best AC cities in the series. It's up there with Jerusalem and Damascus. I'm afraid to say ACIII probably won't even come close to AC1, ACII, and ACB in terms of the music and feel. Hopefully though, ACIII's possible dip in quality in the musical department might bring them to conviction. We may have to swallow ACIII's music without Jesper's touch, but we can hope for better in the future.

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Ah, boo! Seriously disappointing. That track in Monteriggioni is still stuck in my head, years later.
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It's music like 'Ezio's Family' and Roman Countryside that just made these games for me. Such a big, big part of it

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Never knew about this. Pretty sad. He did an amazing job on AC II and revelations. His soundtrack really did help immerse you in to the setting.