Is it possible to miss homestead missions/level ups?

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I just started SEQ 7, and all my artestans are all level 1. And I can't even make a simple cartliage expander because I don't have a tailor. Is it possible that they can be missed? And how exactly do you level them up? Or is that missable as well? I'll be pissed because I spent a whole day collecting feathers in the frontier.

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You're still early in the game. For instance, I don't think you get the blacksmith until Sequence 9 or 10. Should the event happen that you missed a homestead mission, all of them are unlocked upon completing the game. As for levelling them up, the homestead has a metric ton of missions to do for each person. For each citizen of the homestead you complete a mission for, they will level up.
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i'm at the start of sequence 9 and i have the blacksmith. hopefully the artisan missions don't unlock too late, as i don't the rewards to only be usuable for 4 minutes before the credits. i hate when that happens.

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i started crafting special items around sequence 10/11. before that you need to do all the missions