I may have run into a glitch...

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I finished the game several days ago, and lately I've been playing through the homestead missions. I've progressed through a lot of them, but the highest level any of my artisans are is level two. And (here's the problem) there's no more homestead missions available anywhere. I've searched all throughout the homestead, the frontier, Boston and New York. I'm about to call glitch on this one. Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there something I'm missing?

I hate that I've not been able to craft George Washington's sword because my smithy is stuck at level two.

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you have to start a new game and do the homestead missions when they appear and keep checking after each major mission throughout the game.

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I had the same problem but i found out that i still had to go to NY and buy the tools for Big Dave in order to make the knife for Norris. Once i did that the missions picked back up again
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Mac, that's totally what it was. I felt like such a moron after that! lol Oh, well.