I felt like I just watched a 12 hour movie

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Is this what games have become? I really wanted to like AC3. Preordered, etc.


There has definitely been a huge drop in quality since AC2. I liked Brotherhood, was shocked they would come out with Revelations so quick, skipped that, but I figured they'd come back strong with AC3.

I was wrong. This game is, not a game. I felt like I had my hand held all the way to the very end, which wasn't even satisfying. For such an "open" game, it was incredibly linear and scripted. Quite an amazing feat.

There hardly any moments where you were given an open arena and given the freedom to approach the mission how you wanted to like in previous games in the series.

I remember when you go to find Lee at the harbor area and it tells you to use Eagle Vision (more hand holding) I thought FINALLY! Finally I get to decide how to kill this sonofaB my own way. Use some creativity, freedom, play around. I stalk the guy, get in position, eliminate threats to make getaway easier, then I make my move and BAM! Cutscene where Connor just runs up to the guy and goes DERP IM HERE! Just like he did when Lee was making a speech earlier.

The story was ok enough. It motivated me to get through the game afterall. But there were so many moments where I just hated the character I was playing as (Desmond and Connor). The only one I even liked as a character, Haytham, was a villain, so I'm supposed to hate him. At least he was intelligent and consistent with his motivations.

They give you all these tools. Smoke bombs, poison darts, etc, but there is never any reason to use them and hardly any opportunity (except when you're just free roaming I guess). There are all these sidequests to become more powerful/rich but I never needed to do them. You are plenty powerful from the very start. I only bought one sword and it was more than enough to beat every single foe in the game pretty easily.

I can't count how many times I thought I was going to finally fight someone or do something cool only to have the control yanked from me. You chase Lee through the burning boat, catch him, and then! Cutscene. He gets away and all you have to do is go find another guy and watch another cutscene to watch him die in another cutscene.

I don't know if Montreal thought their story was just so good that people wouldn't care that it hardly qualifies as a game or if they just wanted to make the game so goddamn easy that everyone could experience the story as fast as possible.

It definitely had emotion. Great acting from the characters. Dialogue was excellent as well. Can't say I'm satisfied with the story but they wove such a ridiculous plot that I couldn't imagine them pulling it all together.

At the end I was positive that I would decide the fate of the world. I understand that in the animus you cannot have choices because you cannot change history, but I am playing as Desmond right? Then he just up and says I MADE A DECISION IMMA PUSH THE BUTTON LAWL and then dies. Way to tease me with choice and freedom, Ubi, only to say "psyche!"

I am just disappointed, obviously. I remember doing so many cool things in the previous games. Being given so many opportunities to play with the enemies, the targets, the people, the missions, and I felt like I was just rushed through something that could have been awesome. Like I just played the demo or something and I want more, but there is no more.

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I kinda agre with you, in AC2 and Brotherhood, I spent most of time farming money and exploring, but in AC3, I really couldn't care less and just played through the missions.

In terms of story I was kinda shocked when Connor kills his friend, but Connor, he was one HAM, since he just goes "meh" and moves on.

And then there is Charles Lee. He seemed like an okay fellow when you were playing Haytham, and then all of a sudden becomes mass bigot. Charles and Haytham, enough though they are the leaders of Templars, didn't really do much. In fact the people Haytham recruited seem to do more in game than those two.

My other gripe with AC 3 (AC2 and Brotherhood too) is that you kill people just because they are Templars.In AC1, you killed bad people, who turned out to be Templars.