Do teams work with parties in multiplayer? -revelations was horrid for this.

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I have played every assassins creed game, and after I was on the end of brotherhood I decided to give the MP a try, and I found it brilliant.

Played it to level 50, all was well and I was so happy I found a game that wasnt all about shooting. I picked up Revelations months later only to find out that matchmaking didnt properly pair us up.
What I mean is this:

I would join with a party of me and a friend or two(2-3 people in my party) and try to find a game. Three things would happen:

1-kick my friends out, finding only me a game

2-never find a game. just look for a game forever

3-find a game, but put us on seperate teams. Cant switch teams unless they are fair either, so usually even if i waited until the game was over to have my friend then join my team, there would either be no room, or not enough people to have him join the team i am on.

basically i played it through the BS, but rarely did my friends want to play due to these issues. Really lame because i love the MP in these games.

Are these issues fixed? is it easy to be in a party and get in a game together? I bought the game from a friend who had completed it and would like to know if the online pass is worth it. I basically gave 10 bucks to Ubisoft for nothing in revelations(glad to do so, but wish it worked correctly)

Can someone clear this up or tell me how it works? Sorry for the long post, just wanted to be clear about my issues.

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really? no one knows the answer to this?