Concerning changes at the end of the game... more or less... (SPOILERS)

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I completed the main story before I even did a couple homestead missions. Anyhoo, this lead to a pretty epic time paradox when I finally started playing through them. I had to get my time line straight. Because at the end of the story, it makes things pretty clear that Achilles is dead. Of course, I just went along with it because that's how subtle I thought the game was being about it, but it turns out you get to see about ALL of that as you progress through the homestead missions.

As you may know, prior to Achilles death in the homestead missions, Connor at most will only jog through the house; however, after Achilles death suddenly Connor sprints through the house. This made me LOL because Connor's basically like, "Yo, the Old Man's dead. I'ma do what I want."

Anyway, I just wanted to share how hilarious I thought that was!

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which one died? i have two of them!!!

AC double Achilles

nah just kidding i finished the game i know

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lol I know right? There was one instance I had where there were three. Silly glitch. It'll randomly happen to town criers also.

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lol i always thought there were suppose be that way, the two town cryers XD


And yea this game is filled with bugs and glitches. ive had one that broke the mission for me so i had to restart to the last part.

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Yeah, I've been somewhat disappointed by how many little glitches there are. I emailed Ubisoft about the ones I knew off the top of my head, and they told me an update is on the way soon but specific information on what it fixed wasn't available "right now." My fingers are crossed for most of the little problems being dealt with. I don't remember encountering anything terrible. There worst I've experienced was what you ran into with a bug keeping a mission from progressing so you've had to restart at the last checkpoint. I've been very happy that the game's been stable (i.e. hasn't crashed or frozen up). It's pretty common for games to be somewhat unstable these days, and it makes me sad. Skyrim on consoles was the worst I've seen in a while.

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well in skyrim's case its bethesda and you know that in a world that huge with hundreds of physical in game items and npc's. in their case i dont mind the glitches.


but this game bugs are horrible compared to all the previous AC games, not tomention that they had a day 1 patch which fixed 4o+ glitches. it just shows how the game was rushed.


ive had 3 glitches which really made me mad during the gameplay the find out what mirjam like for norris. when i returned to him and he was sitting in the outhouse the promot to talk to him didnt show up. i spent 15 minutes jumping around leaving the area coming back with no results. i had to relead from checkpoint and walk all the way again.

2.While collecting the feathers i had to get on on the island (the one behind a fast trvel point south in the frontier next to the general shop) there you have to jump off a cliff on to a cut of tree and from there jump on anouther tree. at this moment your supose to jump on to anouther branch on the same tree but everytime i jumpred connor just went trough it as if the object didnt exist falling all the way down forcing me to climb up again i did that for like 20 minutes. after a few days it was the last feather i had to get so i came back and got it on the first try cause now all of a sudden the game got the fact that there is a branch there. the chasing Lee in the final mission everytime i got to the boat on fire connor wouldnt slideunder the first obstacle whoch forced me to retry a couple of times.

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You know, that last mission when you are chasing Charles Lee was probably the most upset I had gotten at the game. That entire part was lousy. On the first few tries for me I couldn't even stay close enough to him for the mission to let me continue. When I finally got that part down, upon getting in the boat (just like you) Connor refused to slide under the pannel. That got me failed a few times. And when I finally managed to get that part down, Connor wouldn't path correctly through the climbing and whatnot that you must do inside the burning boat, which resulted in numerous failures. I got quite pissed at it. I almost put it down. But, after a couple more tries I finally caught up to Lee... even then it took the game a second to realize what had happen, so Lee started freaking out running around all willy nilly on top of the boat. It was kind of funny. I didn't know if I'd done what the game wanted or if it was bugging on me. To my pleasant surprise, it was just bugging, and the game progressed!

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yea the Lee mission was to me also the most frustrating part of the game cause its hard in a cheap way for no reason. i had to try for like 30 tries just to figure out how to get past the explosion and the guards, and everytime it was diffrent sometimes lee would push a guard which opened a pathway and sometimes not and crap like that.