Charles Lee = Lee Van cliff

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well, it is obviously a phisical reference to the actor (hawkeyes, nose, eye color [either blue or green]), but is there any reference beyond that?

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Don't you mean Lee Van CLEEF?


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If Lee Van Cleef was homeless for a month I could totally see it.

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huh? Charles Lee was an actual person.
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If you have ever played Assassins Creed, you probably have heard of "Assassins" and wondered if their was any Historical basis for the game. If you are looking for evidence of an Italian Assassin guild, or an American Assassin guild, you might be able to do it, but not deep deep in history. So you probably automatically assume Ninjas are the precursor to Assassins, and Assassins come from Asia. But they do not. Assassins come from "Hashashins" and they are from the Islamic Tradition.

Hashashins were made famous by a guy called "The Old Man of the Mountain", his real name was Rashid ad-Din Sinan.

The Leader of the Hashashins was Hassan-i Sabbah. He was basically an Islamic Missionary, and his people were being conquered. So he started a "Secret Society" where people joined his Mission in an underground manner, then took a fortress on a mountain by slowly working their way into the guard positions. They all got hired as guards and snuck inside and stuff, then they just pulled out their weapons and told everyone that the fortress was theirs now.

From the fortress on the mountain, they launched attacks and fought of sieges from the enemy army.

The Assassins/Hashashins grew, and eventually they became an enemy to the Knights Templar. When you hear of the Christians and Muslims "fighting over the Holy Land", it was the Assassins Vs The Knights Templar.

The Hashashins were not only known for the one mountain fort and their ability to defend it, but they were also considered formidable by both Christian and Muslim armies. They were known for getting hired or bought as slaves, so that they could get in to the Palaces and camps of other factions leaders, then they would either gather information from that group, or they would continue to plant members in the group until there were more of them than there were actual guards or slaves. Just like the American/French Revolutionaries and the Freed Roman slaves, the Hashashins were known for wearing Santa hats/Phrygian Caps.

You may be wondering "If the Hashashins and the American Revolutionaries and Roman slaves were all wearing Santa hats/Phrygian Caps/Liberty Caps, was there a connection or are they just random groups that both thought the Santa hat was cool? There is a connection. America was not founded by Assassins, but when America was founded, the people living there were Christian, and the other Christian nations wanted to kill them. They were helped by the Santa hat tradition.

If I say the word "Pirate" you automatically picture a few things. An Eye patch, a Peg Leg, a Parrot, and a Curved Sword. The reason you imagine the Curved sword, is because a large portion of what we now call "Pirates" were Barbary Pirates. If you look up "Barbary Pirates" you will find paintings and stuff of people wearing Santa hats.

Then if you look up "Ottoman Soldier" you will find paintings of more people with these hats. The Ottoman Empire was the empire that protected America from the other Christians. When the American flag was first made, it was used on boats, and anyone who saw one would attack that ship. Once the Ottoman empire signed the "Treaty of Peace and Friendship" with America, it officially made America a nation. Because a nation just means that you are an entity that has a treaty with various other nations. That is the only thing that makes a nation a recognized nation. The Ottoman empire is not talked about much, but the British Empire was not such a big problem once America had protection at sea.

If you looked up "Ottoman Soldier" and "Barbary Pirate" and "Hashashin" you probably saw a people that looked pretty Muslim, and think I am talking about Muslim ideology. This is NOT Muslim ideology. It goes further back than Christianity and Islam, you can find more about the Santa hat by looking up "Mithra" and "Phrygia".

But if you want to see how America, France and Santa hat ideology all tie together, all you have to do is look up "Zouave". These are French Soldiers that fought in the Civil war, and if you didn't know they were French, you would think they were from the Middle East.