Buggy gameplay...

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Hey guys, I want to point out a quick topic that I am having issues with on the PC version of this game. I cannot remember the sequence, because I cannot press any buttons during this time, so you'll have to find out the one I'm having problems with. Anyways, I've been stuck in the same spot for 3 days now during the "Training Begins" Sequence. I am stuck on the part where we need to learn how to access the Manor's records to channel the buying and selling of things through caravans. Unfortunately, after I buy the lumber as instructed, It tells me to SELECT the Trading menu, But there is no active button that allows you to actually select the menu, As if my game copy came missing one single command... Which was to allow the action by pressing ENTER... So instead of beating the game as I intended to do, I am permanently stuck in one spot, I cannot even access my start menu either, So I cannot restart the sequence, nor can I do anything else. Every single button on my keyboard does not register at that very screen. This is a more than frustrating issue to me, so any help provided would make me very grateful! Thanks. Rahill