Assassin's Creed III Gun Store Crash?

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Hello, I recently purchased this game, but thirty minutes into it, makes it crash. This happens when I am supposed to buy a gun at a store. As soon as I enter the store and move the towards the clerk or just look around, it suddenly freezez and the game stops. This is quite peculiar and I am looking for an answer. Can someone be kind enough and give me one?

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The same problem, the same question... Win7 64bit, i5 480M 2.67GHz, ATI HD 5650 (laptop).
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the same probleme here windows 7 x64 intel i5 m560 2.67 ati hd 5650
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same problem here.... i enter the gun store and it crashes ... screen freezesand the audio continues for a couple of seconds .. then every thing black ... win 7 X64, i5 430m 4gm ram ATI mobility HD 5650 if i dont enter the gun store the game works fine .. but still crashes at some other spots...
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Same thing here.... If you can avoid moving your mouse and then move to the owner you can buy and get the hell out, but then after a horseride you go to an inn and then its irretrievable :/ cant help it
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looks like many people are encountering this crash including me...:'( i have a vaio vpceb36fg an ati hd5650 an i3 370M and all other games like mw3 works gud at 1080p...any help is appreciated
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hi i have an acer 4820tg and the game crashed at the same point i switched to discrete of mode(from bios) .. and updated to the highest possible driver version and ran the game it ran perfectly .... later on i downgraded the driver back down to 8.840.7.4000 as in the switchable mode the game generated blue screens... now everything is running perfectly ... PS: if windows generates blue screens or ddl errors during driver installations ... uninstall everything ati .. and uninstall the ati drivers and card from device managers .. and re-install the required version after restart
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i dont get it how do i switch it to discrete of mode? and how far have u come in the game? i somehow managed to come to the part wer u have to shoot the barrels to blast the door in boston. can u give me a detailed info on how to fix it?
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I found the solution myself ..guys we have the same gpu the one that made me so mad radeon 5650 just update your video card download it at leshcatlabs ...if you have a laptop dl the mobility