Assassins Creed 3 MAJOR fistfighting glitch

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Hello fellow fans, I, like most people, love AC3 but am getting really frustrated. I have encountered a glitch in sequence 8 memory 2 (prison break) and now I am unable to advance in the story, and I cannot even exit the memory. My problem is that the game doesn't recognize that I'm in a fistfight. I am currently trying to pick a fight and beat 6 inmates to be able to consequently pickpocket the warden. What happens is I initiate the fight but no matter how long I fight or how much damage I inflict none of the prisoners get knocked out. Therefore, I can't finish the memory. The same problem happened with the 1st Boston Brawlers mission in the frontier. With that mission I was able to just run away and ignore that storyline. This time, I can't even exit the memory. I've tried everything including the day one patch but nothing works. My internet searches for similar bugs come up empty. I know I'm fighting correctly, I'm pretty good at this game. I really don't wanna reinstall the game and start over. Any ideas???? Ubisoft support hasn't replied to my inquiry yet and being limited to multiplayer sucks.
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I had the same problem, what happens is you only knock them out, and then they will get back up. So you need to keep on hitting them until they actually die or get knocked out completely. What makes this part so difficult is your fighting six or seven guys all at once when there all throwing punches at you, so it is hard to concentrate on one guy.
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You have to WIN the fight. If you are just tapping "X" (on the PS3) you are only knocking them down, not hurting them - so the fight goes on. Use square for a solid attack, or tap O to block, then counter with triangle etc. etc.