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Am I the only one getting freaking annoyed with all the little kids sprinting after their targets, only getting the reckless kills? 
Every random Wolfpack I join is a fricking rush for kills. I try to tell everyone to slow down and get incognito kills and show them that is better.
Last match I had 3 small kids running around doing it. It ended up with me getting 35k points and 38 kills versus their stupid 50 kills but less than 20k points.

I am looking for actual players to join my Wolfpack, if you can say it like that. I just want someone to play online with, really.
All my friends only play Black Ops 2 and I am not willing to buy that game. Anyways!
Feel free to add me. Just leave a message saying you want to play some AC3 Online or whatever.



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I was just looking for threads like these, but couldn't find any so I made one myself.. Apperantly I overlooked yours. I will add you when I get home GT: Lenskop

My thread (for anyone interested):

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I tried adding you, but it says that the gamertag does not exist. Are you playing xbox?

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Are you on PS3? If so, my PSN is "PianoDoc99". Go ahead and add me, if I don't. I was pretty good at ACR, if I say so myself.
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Gahhh YES! I tried it solo my first time.. Then joined a random match and was like, wtf?? It was everyone competeing to get kills, no points at all.. I just decided "screw it" and ran. Wasn't as fun.. I even made a freakin gamespot account because of this haha
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im not to bad myself (PS3)
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Anyone on PC?

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Feel free to add me and we'll play some wolfpack