AC3 problem with bow

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Hello. I need help. I lost my bow and i don't know how to get it back. When I take fort in frontier one of my enemies block my attack which I unfortunately do with a bow. I play forward because i think get it when I restart game. I don't get it back and now I can't do hunter mission in 100%. Can i buy it somewhere or make with a schematic in homestand? Please help.
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Could you say very specifically how you lost your bow?
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Go to the homestead in the basement of the main home and you'll come across an armory. The bow should be there.

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the bow isn't in the armory, unless im looking in the wrong area.
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Go right when looking at the target paintings at the wall in the basement.

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Had the same problem with my assassins axe. It would randomlyleave my inventory and I'd have to go back to a store to buy?equip bc it wasnt int the armory at the manor.
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I have the same problem. I lost my bow and arrows during a fight. I checked my homestead/manor (weapon armory) and did not see it there. The store doesn't have it either. I've lost my assassin tomahawk but I got it back by getting it at the store or the manor. Try changing outfits, replaying previous missions, or restarting the system. Hopefully our lost bow and arrow isn't permanent. If nothing solves the issue hopefully Ubisoft patches it. Good luck
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This problem I have is kind of weird. I can't get back into the basement. I went to the candle thing, but nothing no interact thing. I really want to go down and check out my armory. Can anyone please help me??
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Can you help me? I can't get into the basement of the homestead. The candle doesn't give me the option to interact with it.
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@wp1988: I know this post is super old, but I've been playing AC3 recently, and I've come across this issue as well. I went through so many forums, and I've tried everything every one has suggested, but to no avail. Also, since the game is a few years old now, no one is really actively answering questions about this problem, but I'm going to post my solution anyway for anyone who's playing it now who has come across this problem and those in the future who might come across this problem.

SOLUTION: Replay Sequence 9 Part 2 (The Foam and the Flames). In this part, Connor steals a mercenary's attire and uses it as a disguise, so at the end of the sequence, Connor obviously has to changed back to his Assassin's clothes. At that point, I had given up trying to get my bow back, so when the mission ended and I got back to free-play (I have no idea what it's called. Y'know, you can run around and do whatever. It's when you're not doing a main mission/memory? haha), my bow reappeared. I was pretty happy and pleasantly surprised, especially since I had given up trying to get the darn thing back. Hopefully, this works for anyone who's reading this. Sorry if it doesn't. I know it's frustrating!