About Desmond (MAJOR spoilers)

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I read an article last night about how it was time for Desmond to leave the series, but I don't really agree. The best way I can describe my feelings about Desmond are that he was killed off before his prime. I mean, I spent three titles making him become a master assassin by training him through the animus and then he's killed off so quickly out of combat. I never played brotherhood or revelations so maybe I'm just not sick of him. But seriously he was getting so awesome by the end. It really raised my hopes of a future game where you played as Desmond kicking Abstergo around in the modern day.

But now, without Desmond, they run a real risk of "jumping ship" for lack of a better term. He was the entire reason that you ventured into the animus. I've heard talk that they may jump back to an earlier era than the revolution for the next game. But who is going to serve as the subject for the animus? Or will there even be a subject anymore? Assassin's Creed: Liberation doesn't have a modern subject, it's just made to look like a product experience sold by Abstergo.

But what will even give the next game's purpose? Sure, the primary action always surrounded the assassin's and their lives. But it was Desmond who gave what they did in their lives reason. A reason for us to be in the animus exploring their lives in the first place.

The ending just really bugs me. To me it's going to be like playing Uncharted without Nathan Drake. Especially since Desmond was just now starting to show how well he could fight in the future and now he's suddenly dead.