How could such a great franchise disapoint so much.

User Rating: 5 | Assassin's Creed III: Liberation VITA
GIMMICK CONTROLS!! Seriously why do them because 90% of them frustrate while bringing nothing enjoyable to the game. I spent way to long walking around the house trying to find a light bright enough to allow me to go on. The trying to gey the ball in the hole with the tilt control was what finall got me to give up and send the game back. It was counterintuitive and unresponsive. If I would have purchased the game I would have been really disapointed. I will be glad when developers realize what they did with the PS3 and quit with this nonsense for these kinds of games.

Well then why even this high of a rating, because when just playing the game it is a reasonable representation of it's console counterpart. The action and platforming is pretty solid with only a few minor annoyances from the scaling down. The graphics look amazing for this early in its life and it seems like a very long game. Until the stretch of gimmick controls the game was heading for a solid 8 rating. Developers need to stop forcing gimmick controls because 90% of gamers don't like them.