A must have for AC2 fans but another money grab add on, with little love put into this with so many glitches.

User Rating: 6 | Assassin's Creed II: Bonfire of the Vanities X360
Welcome to the last installment of AC2, this has to be the weakest of levels and DLC in this game. The are many audio glitches and can feel very repetitive at times. Some levels are good fun it can be great to take down new targets in the new areas of of the map, but other levels can be so annoying as they are rather awkward and after a while you get tired of hunting down targets what feel more like the side missions than a main story level.

The main problem comes in the don't get detected missions. One guard will see you as you plunge the dagger in his neck, this fails the mission you are allowed to kill but even if one the one gourd sees you as he dies, some how he radios the world. no other guards will come running yet it claims you have be detected. After each mission you have to watch a walk scene as the people rally behind you but it is the same cut-scene you have to watch 8 times. A fun addition is a spring board when jumping from it you get launched an extra distance than normal, this is great fun and I wish this was implemented through out the maps.

If you buy the slightly more pricey edition of this DLC it comes with an extra level, the extra money is well worth it. The level is extremely fun in fact probably one of the best in the whole game, makes returning to frieze a pleasure getting to rescue your old ally and friend Lorenzo de' Medici.

Please do buy this DLC I may have been harsh to it, it can feel boring and even broken at times but it is a must have it does a good job filling in the final game of this game, it just feel with a little bit more love going into it would have brought it to the high standard we know and love from the main game.