'Nuff said. Put aside the easy combat , it was actually good.

User Rating: 9.5 | Assassin's Creed II PS3
Brother hood was one difficulty increase in terms of missions , but the chain killing made combat relatively easy. Revelations had a lot of redundant additions like Den Defence and Bomb crafting . This is a great sandbox game aside its new irrelevant add-ons. AC one was good in combat terms, but it had limited interactions(e.g. Shops , Steal, bribe , Currency).
Brotherhood was fun because it was new , like the call assassin's ability , build your brotherhood and explorations.
One thing assassin's creed starting from its 2nd franchise needed was a difficulty option. I personally find the game too easy probably because I was an AC1 gamer where lots of gamers started from AC 2 , in which the chain execution function made killing guards happen in seconds rather than in challenging counter moves like AC 1 .
ACBrotherhood had a lot of things that took my attention away from combat like surprises and interaction .
Storyline was one of the most important and the way it merges past - present - and post into one novel is extremely good in which it explains the Natural cycle of life and death unreluctantly and the human's nature of tearing nature's laws apart.