Locked up PC 30+ times, had to reboot to get out. Very linear, rigid progression. Menus flawed, keys don't work. Fluff.

User Rating: 4 | Assassin's Creed II PC
I bought the hype and was looking forward to this game and I should have known. I bought the original from the bargain bin.
- Good first: bystander comments are hilarious. Puzzles are fun. Visuals are standard, artist touches & hookers are good. History is interesting.
- The rest: Menus that are flawed. Keys that don't function properly and need multiple hits before they work. Tutorials that have scanty info & don't work properly. Internet connection that is a PC vulnerability, had to punch holes in virus/firewall settings (still lost 5x on my 100/full connection). I don't like it.
- #1 problem are the lockups coming out of the menu, keys suspect, use mouse now. Poorly designed and implemented, reminiscent of DOS games. Turning off PC too many times to unlock.
- Game-play becomes tedious, sidetracked searching for fluff. Plot is actually fairly thin. Inventory system for weapons & armor has no place for salvaging gear from enemies. Weapons selection is very limited given the diversity in the middle-ages. 4 month wait on PC version & still not right. When I get frustrated & bored, I just kill every guard (& go play something else).
- Characters are one-dimensional or not developed. Too bad. Some of it is ok. Story line grabs me but poor design choices & implemented. It just doesn't make it.