Fear Not The Darkness !! But Welcome Its Embrace. Requiescant In Pace (Rest in peace) !!!.

User Rating: 10 | Assassin's Creed II PC

** Assassins Creed 2 **

* It Makes Its Predecessor Assassins Creed Looks Like Childs Play When Compared !!.

* Oh My Goodness !! Assassins Creed 2 Without A Doubt Is A Complete ** Master Piece ** !!.

* Magnificent & Epic Story , Great And Wonderful Characters , Outstanding & Amazing Gameplay , Wonderfull Graphic & Epic Soundtrack !!.

* Its " Epic " & " Outstanding " At Every Scale !!.

* As You Can See I Am Melting For This Game !! I Will Tell You Why !!.

** Story **

* Desmond Miles Escapes Form Abstergo Industries By The Help Of Lucy Stillman !! Who Takes Him To Meet Two Other Assassins, Historian Shaun Hastings And Computer Expert Rebecca Crane. They Request That Desmond Use Their Version Of The Animus To Relive Memories Of Another Assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze In 14th Century !!

* The Story Is Highly Complex But Its The Heart Of The Game !! Its Greatly Wirtten With Greatly Developed Characters,Like Its Predecessor This Game Story Also Historical Fantasy !!.

* The Story Surrounds Itself In Wide Range Of Topics Like Real Life Historical People , Conflicts & Politics !!

* Extrodinary Execution Is Performed In The Game Story !! Quest Consist Of Great Elements Of Crime , Action , Adventures & Mystery !! But The Main Element Of The Quest Was Drama Which Did A Fantastic Performance & Execution In The Game !!

* Usally I Dont Speak About The Protaganist But I Have To Say This ! ** Ezio Auditore da Firenze ** He Is The Amazing Badass And An Outstanding Awesome Character He Is Extremely Well Written And Greatly Developed His Character Feels Certainly Uniqe With All The Features Of Witty, Smart & Charm !! He Is More Bad Ass Than Altair In My Opinion In Every Way !!.

* All The Side Characters In This Game Are Interesting And Entertaining They Were Also Developed And Well Written !!.

* All The Quest And Side Quest In This Game Are Outstanding Due Its Once Again Great Writting !!.

* Its Freaking Epic To Be Short !!.

** Game Play **

* The Game Play Of Assassins Creed 2 Is Freaking Outstanding !!.

* The Assassins Creed 2 Is An Open World Action & Adventure Game Like Its Predecessor !!.

* The Open World In This Game Is Freaking Huge Its Magnitudes Larger Than Assassins Creed !!.

* There Are Many Enviroments, Places ,Location And Historical Sites To Be Explored At Anytime If You Desire !!.

* Combat And Stealth System Is Imporved But Still Sticks To Old School But Never The Less Its Freaking Amazing With New Improvements In Combats And Stealth That Helps You Take Down Various Enemies ! Fighting Styles Are Improved You Can Use Wide Range Of Attacks And Defense Using Wide Range Of Weapons ! Stealth Has New Features And Methods To Take Down Enemies Without You Getting Spot !! The Combat & Stealth System In This Game Is By Far Better Than Assassin Creed !!.

* You Can Also Learn New Fighting Styles In This Game Like In The Previous Game !!.

* The Enemies In This Game Are Not That Easy To Deafeat ! Each Of Them Have Their Own Attitude And Weakness You Must Able To Find Weakness And To Counter Their Attacks ,They Also Can Chase You Way Better Than In Assassin Creed They Also Can Do Extreme Parkour While Climbing And Running In Bulidings Like Your Assassin !! These Enemies Are Certainly Dynamic !!.

* You Can Have Weapons And Armour To Your Choice !! There Are Wide Range Of Weapons That You Can Use To Defeat Your Enemies And Also There Are Various Armour You Can Wear To Increase Your Defense

! You Can Change Color Of Armour If You Desire !!.

* There Are Various Mini Side Quest And Various Activites All Around ! If You Complete Any One These Mission You Will Be Rewarded !!

* The Game Play Is Very Dynamic With Various Improvements Its Simply Just Outstanding !!!.

** Graphic And Visuals **

* Assassins Creed 2 Deleviers Us With Wonderful Graphics And Visuals !!.

* The Open World Of Assassins Creed 2 Is Greatly Developed With Highly Detailed Graphics And Visuals That Makes Location,Enviroment And Characters Looks More Wonderful !!.

* Animation's Are Greatly Developed And They Give A Great Performance During Game Play !!

** Soundtrack **

* Soundtrack In This Game Are " Epic " Without A Doubt !.

* The Music And Background Score Bring Life And Beauty To The Game !!.

* The Music Has Various Emotion And Rythm Which Is Completly Synchrnoize In Game Play Its So Wonderful To Listen !!.

* The Soundtrack Is Well Written And Well Ochastrated !!.

** Conclusion **

* Like I Said Highly Complex Magnificent Story , Great And Wonderful Characters , Outstanding & Amazing Gameplay , Wonderfull Graphic With Epic Soundtrack !!.

* Dont Call Yourself A Gamer If You Have Not Played This Game !!.

* Complete " MASTER PIECE " ," EPIC " & " OUTSTANDING ".

** Rating **

My Rating For Assassin Creed 2 Is .......Hell With This **(10/10)**

Its..*** (15/10) ***