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Hi. I bought the CE of ACII when it came out (the big tin case that had the Ezio statue in it). On the back of the slip cover it says there are two exclusive in-game maps:

1. The Palazzo Medici

2. Santa Maria Dei Frari

My question is I can't find these two items in my DLed history. Which brings me to my real question: When I redeemed the codes did these two items automatically insert themselves into my game permanently? I ask because I recently made a humongous SNAFU on my part when I accidentally transferred new PS3 data over my OLD PS3 data which contained the saved game data. 

I don't remember seeing either of these items when I finally got around to playing ACII which, as fate would have it, was NOT on the original PS3 that I redeemed the codes on, but a secondary PS3 I bought because I was away from home for a while and didn't bother to bring my original PS3 with me.

And now when I transferred the data erasing all the old data contained on my original PS3, I'm wondering if I just screwed myself even more? Because from what I remember when I played the game on the secondary PS3, I don't recall seeing either of those two places mentioned at all. And another thing I'm confused on is when it says they are two "in-game maps." This is an open-world game so what other maps can there be besides the cities you visit?