Does this game get good?

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I just picked up Assassins 2. I have never played the game but heard the first was not that great so I figured I start with the 2nd game of the series. I really want to like this game/series. I'm about 5 or so hours in (just left Florence), but I am not really finding the game very entertaining. It seems ridiculously easy and not too fun. Can someone please tell me if this game gets better or is this pretty much it?

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"Not that fun" is very subjective. If you're not having any fun by now that's pretty much what the entire game is going to comprise of.

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It gets better...but only if you like this type of game.
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If you don't like it by the time you get to Venice, then you won't like any of the series. 

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It starts out pretty slow. It picks up once you get to the part where you assassinate Francesco
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The first game was so good, it kept me glued to the computer! The second one is so boring, I don't understand how is that possible to make such a bad sequel after such a great game. I really hope Assassin's Creed 3 is better, because I already gave up hope on AC II. It's really a shame.

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I don't know where u heard that the first one sucked, but that is just not true.

play the first one, u won't regret it.