A step up in a way

User Rating: 6 | Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India XONE

First off, The gameplay is still very much the same. There are no new additions so you are gonna have no issues jumping from the first game to the second and not miss a beat. I like that because while the gameplay isn't exactly great, It fits the series and shouldn't be messed worth. Second, It's a big step up visually as well. It's not just the typical white, black and red (which was heavily focused on in the first game). They add a few more colours and it definitely makes the game pop. So props for fixing that.

What they didn't fix sadly is the story. There's a bit more dialogue this time around but it's still not interesting, still not worth following. And as I said in my review for the first of the Chronicles games: For a series so heavily focused on telling a story, There just isn't anything here worth noting and it sucks.

Now the focus of the game this time around is definitely more stealth focused and puzzle solving rather than just hacking your way through a level. Enemies can respawn and it adds to the challenge and making the game more challenging is what they were going for. India is a lot more challenging than China ever was and I like that. Sure, It can be a bit frustrating at times, especially with the fact that the parkouring has to be spot on and pretty much mistake-free in order to avoid being spotted, but it makes the game a bit more rewarding to finish.

Aside from that, The rest of the game is pretty much the same old same old. A few grinding achievements, A potential replay on a harder difficulty (for achievements). And that about sums it up.

Overall: 6/10
India fixes the visual issue and ramps up the difficulty but that's about it. They don't really do much different and that is a problem. I feel that they could still do a bit more with these games and they can start by telling a bigger and better story.