Good but could have been better

User Rating: 5 | Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China XONE


Not really much voice acting outside of the short cut scenes. The sound track is solid but nothing special.


A few minor bugs but other than that, It's a great looking 2D side scroller. Environments are unique and it's a blast playing through them.

Game Play:

The stealth aspect of the game is satisfying but the combat could have been a lot better. It's just too boring and repetitive.


The story is very straight forward and simple, There's nothing interesting about it. Needless collectibles. Upgrades are pretty pointless considering you are rarely in a situation that requires a lot of weapons and there's always a ammo crate near by to refill. It's a pretty easy game to beat, Even on the hardest difficulty. It oddly enough does grow on you the more you play, At first I hated it but the more I played the more I grew tolerable to it.

Overall: 5/10

For a side scroller game, It can be fun. I love stealthing through missions and I think that should have been the focal point of the game with optional assassinations mixed in. Instead of having it a blend of combat and stealth. The game does grow on you a little as you play but not enough for you to ignore the many flaws. It's too short, There's no real story and there's no real challenge.