Proof that Christianity and Assassin's Creed are Compatible

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Why did God really give you free will? I plan to explain this using Assassins Creed as a reference point, as well as use my beliefs to support my theory for the game. For the record, yes this is in support of Christianity. And I mean CHRISTIANITY. Not Catholicism, not Eastern Orthodox, not Protestant, or any other denomination but true Christianity. Now if you don't want to read further, you don't have to. You can if you want to, but I'm not holding my breath, seeing as how most people don't like having their faith called into question. But, I believe that God gave you the right to believe whatever you want when He gave you free will. The question I want you to ask yourself is: Why did He give it to you? Assassins Creed is all about our right to choose, and how that right is so treasured. What many people fail to understand is, that our free will comes not from the size of our brain, or our brains proportion to our body, but from our spiritual connection to God. We do have a sixth sense in the real world, it is called Spirit. We only become sentient beings when God gives us access to the Holy Spirit. God is in three parts: the father, the son, and the holy spirit. God the father represents the power and dominion of the Lord. God the son represents the loving and forgiving nature of the Lord. And God the Spirit represents that which identifies us as His children. Spirit is what separates us from animals, thus Spirit is what ultimately makes us Human! See, we are not our physical bodies. We are souls. Our bodies are just how our souls interact with one another and get around. Now our Spirit is only a part of our soul, and thus it is only a small part of us that makes us like God. Have you ever wondered whether things like dreams, or feelings of love, and happiness, and trust come from your body or your soul? It is actually both! Your brain is the access point where your soul interacts with your body. You see, without souls, we would just be lifeless husks that feel no emotional attachment and only exist to pair off and die (that is evolution at its peak). But, when a soul fuses with the body (brain specifically) the brain becomes the mind, opening up the door to a higher level of awareness. Animals can feel happy, and love people, and dream, so they obviously have souls (you will see your pet in heaven). But animals do not have Spirit, that is something God saved only for us. Spirit grants access to even higher levels of thinking, the next level of awareness. This gives us morality, free will, consciousness, and best of all, the ability to share a relationship with God. Many people try to claim that animals are able to understand them, or that animals can learn English, they use apes and sign language to assert this belief. However the animal does not understand English, it does not know what you are saying. Your dog does not actually know what the word sit means, because sit is not a word to your dog. There is no difference between you training your dog to sit when you say sit, and training your dog to sit when you ring a bell; its just a noise that the dog has been trained to respond to when he hears it. When you say sit, the dog does not know what you are saying, he just recognizes the phonetic sound coming from your mouth and know what to do when he hears it. Same goes for apes, they just use visual responses rather than vocal. They dont know what these signs mean, they don't know they mean words, they just know that when they make a certain gesture, we know what they want: They have trained us! Many paintings and pictures depict God in Human form, yet God says that no one shall look upon Him and live (I would quote this, but I really don't know the exact section this is from and don't want to go looking for it). I believe that we can not look at God, because we can not comprehend Him. If we looked at Him, we would die trying to understand how He is there. Now there is a scientific theory that supports this: dimensions. I don't mean parallel universe, I mean the angle at which we perceive something. The Human brain is only capable of seeing in three dimensions: Length, Width, and Depth. That's it! But if God exists in a fourth dimension, then we can not see Him, because our brains are not built to. Trying to see God would be like trying to push a round peg, into a square hole; it just doesn't fit. And even if you get it to fit, odds are something is going to break, which in this case is your brain. God exists in a dimension, or viewpoint we can not see, so if we looked at Him, our brain would overload. Have you ever tried looking at one of those paintings where there is something hidden in the art itself? You know how when you look at it too hard or too long your eyes start to hurt? That pain is your head telling you "If you keep looking at this, I'm going to die". You can't see it without straining yourself, so imagine looking at something that required so much effort to see, your brain literally split open. You think that would kill you? Guess what you were looking at: Gods face. I say face because God does not actually have one, at least not one we can comprehend. God is not Human, therefore He does not LOOK Human, otherwise we could easily look at Him and live, and He would have been lying to us. God does not have a natural physical form. Jesus was not Human, He just took Human form to walk amongst the Humans. God is just this omniscient force, that exists outside our reality. God made space, matter and time, so why would he exist in dimensions that are shaped by those three things, like ours. We are made in Gods image, Spiritually. Not physically. Our Spirit is what makes us like God, it is what makes us know Him, it is what makes us Human. We are Spiritually like Him. That being said, there is no reason to think that Gods angels have a natural physical form either (Emphasis on natural). God and angels can take Human form, but do not normally look Human. But angels can know and comprehend God, thus they have Spiritual awareness as well. But why can they see him, when we can not when we both have Spirit? Because our Spirit is not complete! God did not want Man to be like Him knowing good and evil so they were denied immortality. Do you see? Knowing good and evil brought us to a stage of awareness we were not ready for. Angels knew good and evil before the fall of man, but they had the mental and spiritual willpower required to resist the desire for evil. Who knows what else they were given knowledge of? The sixth sense is Spiritual awareness, or Knowledge of God, a.k.a. Knowledge. Sound familiar? Finally? Why did you take so damn long to get to the point man? -You XDXDXDXD Anyway, XD, I think that the angels hold full access to the sixth sense, while man does not. Full access would take us to the next level of awareness, and we are not ready for that because we sinned. The bible speaks of a war in Heaven before Man was created. This was between Gods loyal angels and Lucifer's followers. Long story short, Lucifer lost and was booted out of Heaven. Now, here is where things get interesting. The book of Revelations also speaks of another war, after which Satan will be banished to the Earth, and will wreak havoc for 1,000 years before the second coming of Christ. The ones who will fight in service to God are called the Sons of God or His most loyal followers. God said that no man can be like God alone; the blood of Christ is required. Now when we live in accordance to Gods will and laws, we will be uplifted in the rapture and called the Sons of God. Do you see? Do you see whats going on? Not yet...but you will! -Subject 16 God made Man to be the soldiers that would fight in the war foretold in Revelations! But in order to be Gods soldiers, we had to be like God. To be like God, we had to trust God, but God wanted us to choose to trust Him; we needed free will! After Adam sinned, sin befell mankind, and as a result, we each were born into a world wrought with sinful desires. In this way, God knew that those who chose to obey Him rather than give in to sin, would be His most loyal followers. He wrote the Bible as a guideline of His rules and laws so we would know how He wanted us to live. We were now able to use the knowledge given to us by God in the Bible to shape our own opinions and become individual children of God. When we develop our own viewpoints, (because diversity is part of being Human) we become more individualistic, free-thinkers. Like the military, there is no place for "yes men" in Heaven. God wants His men to follow orders and trust Him, but He also wants His men to understand why those orders were given. He wants us to trust Him, and to trust Him, we need to choose to trust Him; we need to be free thinkers. If we trust Him, and do as He tells us, we will have unimaginable knowledge revealed to us, and we will understand why He allowed it to play out like it did. How do soldiers learn? How does anyone learn? By Living, and developing their own beliefs through their individual viewpoints and beliefs! God....loves.......individuality! Just like any good father, He recognizes each of His children as unique individuals. He wants us to learn and come to Him in our own way, and to use His laws to shape our own viewpoints. BUT, we have to follow ALL His laws. Regardless of how we use them, they need to be followed. We have to trust God. When we do, no matter what, we are doing what He wants us to: attempting to live by His word! When we live by His word, we are rewarded. Living a mortal life in a sinful world is not a simple punishment; It is a trust building exercise! When we trust God, and do what God tells us and we get into Heaven, we will have no reason or desire to ever question Him again, and will do whatever He says, because at that point we will have comprehensive, definitive evidence that obeying God will always pay off. When we fully trust in God, we will be rewarded with full Spiritual awareness; the complete sixth sense of Knowledge, and all will make sense. The perfect plan, the perfect bonding experience, the perfect soldiers! But of course, God IS perfect. And He will have His army. These people that have lived according to God, and trusted in His word, FULLY, will be raised from the Earth in what is known as The Rapture and will be given full access to the sixth sense, finally being like God, in body AND spirit. They are now officially Sons of God and will turn the tide of the war in Heaven, and BE that which banishes Satan to the Earth. That is why God gave us free will: So we could choose to learn from Him, gain trust in Him, and become the army He needs to win. But wait! This would only be possible if sin had befallen man. If God wanted His army, He would NEED man to sin so they could grow up to be individual children and choose to follow Him rather than follow the path of sin. Because only then would He have the most loyal men and women at His side. This would mean that not only did God NEED man to sin, but He WANTED man to sin. I say "wanted" for lack of a better word; what I mean is that God has two types of plans: A perfect plan, and a permissible plan. God's perfect plan would have been for man to live in peace without sin and have no one suffer. God however knew that man WOULD sin, so He worked that into His new plan, His "backup plan." God knew that when man sinned, that a new world of thoughts and possibilities would be revealed to the minds of men. He took this, and used it to His advantage; by encouraging us to follow Him and be rewarded for our dedication, while simultaneously ensuring Satan would never cause trouble again! God knows everything. He made Adam and Eve, placed them in the Garden, told them they could not touch one tree, did not tell them about Satan, let Satan in the Garden (since Satan cannot do anything God does not allow), gave Adam and Eve curiosity so they would wonder about things beyond their knowledge, and made them gullible so they would believe WHATEVER Satan told them. God says He made man to be perfect, but it sounds like He made man to be set up......... DUH! Of course He set them up! God NEEDED man to sin, so we could become His army and banish Satan once and for all! He knew Adam and Eve were gullible and curious, so His perfect plan would never work. Therefore the only way for His new plan TO work is if Adam and Eve DID sin. Adam and Eve were gullible and curious, but perfect, because that is exactly what God needed them to be for when His first plan failed. They were perfect, because they were what He needed. He wanted them gullible so His ends would be met no matter what happened. Thing is, once man was exposed to sin, He could not be like God, unless someone were to die for the sins of man........ Again....DUH! That's what Jesus was for! Do you understand now? God made angels with full access to the sixth sense, knowing Lucifer would rebel. He made Adam and Eve gullible so they could be tricked by Satan. They were perfect, because that was how God wanted them. With man exposed to sin AND free will, God KNOWS that only those who choose to follow Him and not sin are His most loyal followers. Man is not good enough to fulfill the roles of Sons of God so God has Jesus die for our sins. Those who accept Jesus are now not only further proving their loyalty to God, but also are shaping themselves int the image of God, and can now be Gods Sons. With us being exposed to sin, developing individual beliefs and coming to God in our own time and choosing Him over sin, we are effectively pledging our loyalty to Him. When He takes His loyal followers to Heaven in the Rapture, they will be fully trusting of God, knowing now He had never lied to them, they are in complete dedication, trust and belief. The Sons of God. The ideal army. Just what He needs to finish Satan. We banish Satan to the Earth, where the people will suffer his wrath, and will have to learn the hard way! God's plan always works out in the end, it just has to take a few detours since other people always keep it from happening. God wanted man to have full Spirit, but did not want a repeat of the rebellion. He wanted to have us know good and evil, but without full Spirit we would turn from Him. He planned to keep us from good and evil, but Satan was going to ruin that, so God took what He could work with, and found a way to get what He originally wanted! With us knowing sin, and choosing God instead, Jesus could cleanse us of our sin, and we could be rewarded with full Spirit anyway. This is where the idea for Assassins Creed comes in. Sumerians believed that Humans were made to be slaves, but what if we were also intended to be soldiers? After the war in Heaven, and after Lucifer was banished to the Earth, the angels began to breed, and their children became the First Civilization: Celestial beings born in terrestrial bodies. They began to place their genes into the apes, and make them into their image (physically). In order to be in their image Spiritually, the apes would have to possess free will. By placing their genes into the apes, they gained "potential access" to the sixth sense of Knowledge, which grants awareness and free will. I put emphasis on "potential." Now, they placed the neurotransmitter into the apes brains to block their potential spirit from interacting with their brains, and granting them true free will, and being in the image of God. The tools were made to control us, and make us into slaves. The apes looked like Humans, but were not really "Human" yet because they did not possess Spirit. That's when God came and looked upon these creatures and viewed them as "dust of the earth." He saw potential however, since the First Civilization did not just make us to be slaves, but also to be warriors to serve their parents in the fight against God that was foretold in Revelations. We were built to fight God, but God saved us from destruction. God planned to turn their slaves into His children, by giving them free will, and thus allowing them to choose to serve Him instead. He breathed into the first man that was created, and "the man became a living being!" His neurotransmitter was destroyed, and his Spirit could now access his body, and give him free will, making him in the image of God! God called him Adam, and he was the first Man because he was the first to know and understand God, and the first to possess Spirit. Remember, Spirit is what separates us from animals, and so Spirit is what makes us Human. Plus, it is believed that Adam and Eve were hybrids born with mixed DNA that started the war, but why would they be if the First Civilization did not start mating with Humans until AFTER the war? There was no need to mate wit Humans before the war, especially if they saw us as animals or cattle. And Juno said they did not until the war was over, so Adam and Eve were not born, they were created! Now, just because God wanted us to sin, does not mean we can get away with disobeying Him. We were punished for Adam and Eves sin by not only having to remain mortal, but by having to live with the neurotransmitter as a permanent part of our anatomy. I say we remained immortal, because we were not made immortal. God wanted Adam to work the land and tend the Garden, which means plants could still die if they were not cared for. If plants could die, so could animals, and so could Humans. Our punishment was that we had to STAY that way! But, luckily Altair says in Revelations that the Apple of Eden can be used to open the minds of people, not just control them, which is exactly what the prophets born of Adams bloodline did. Moses freed the people of Israel with the Staff, Joshua most likely used the sword at the conquest of Canaan, David used the Shroud as armor to defeat Goliath. You think it was a coincidence that Adam, Moses, David, John the Baptist, the Apostle Peter, Jesus and Joan of Arc ALL had a POE, and ALL preached about a loving, all powerful, benevolent, monotheistic God? Especially when many of them lived thousands of years apart? Get outta here! Plus, the Bible says that Moses spoke to God from the center of the Ark of the Covenant; from between the Seraphim's wings. Guess where Altair's Apple was found? Bottom line. I think the Assassins were able to perceive things in a higher plane of comprehension, due to their genetics. They had a more powerful sixth sense than the average man, and so they could essentially "see through the eyes of God." The more First Civilization genes you have, the more Knowledge you possess, the more in tune with Spiritual Awareness you are. The Assassins that use their gifts to uphold God's law and carry out His wishes will become the generals in His angelic army! Those who use them selfishly to gain power and influence will be cast into the pit. Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham, David, Joshua and Paul= 50% Jesus= 100% Altair, Ezio, Connor and Desmond= 20-25% Average man= 15% Spirit is what makes us Human, but it is only a small part of our soul- 15% sounds about right to me.
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I also think the Biblical Nephilim, were the "demigods," and they were not despised by God because of their genes, since Moses also held First Civilization genes. Rather, they were looked down upon and punished because they used the POE's that they held to control the minds of men, and make them believe they were the children of false gods. There is real biblical evidence to suggest that Enoch was a Nephilim, but he was spared because he chose to pledge his life to God. "And all the days of Enoch were 365 years. And Enoch walked with God. And he was not. For God took him." Genesis 5:22 He was not punished like the others because he walked with God, and God took him. The others were punished for bringing about the destruction of man, because when man fell into sin and believed in false gods, and looked upon these men as heroes. They are referred to as bloodthirsty giants because they were so much more powerful than the average man, and they were mostly warriors who craved battle; they had a certain blood lust about them. They did not actually DRINK blood, they just loved killing. God was forced to destroy these people because of their actions and the threat they posed to His loyal children. Now people think the Shroud is what brought Jesus back to life, and that he used an Apple to conjure illusions. People also think Jesus was a Templar for some reason. Well, in the Assassins Creed Wikipedia site, it says clearly that the Shroud was the only POE in the possession of Jesus, so he did not have an Apple. This was mere speculation on Al Mualim's part. It is also said that the S.P.Q.R. which is the precursor to the Templar Order, were the ones that had Jesus crucified. So not only did the Templar Order not actually exist yet, but they were the ones that killed his. So Jesus was not a Templar; just a loving man who taught that God loves those who forgive. It also says, and I can't stress this enough, that the Shroud CAN NOT RESTORE LIFE! Anyone that attempted to use the Shroud to bring someone back, only was able to make the corpse open it's eyes, shake for a few seconds, then "die again." So, if it was said that Jesus was able to come back using the Shroud, which is Not possible, and that he and his apostles did not have an Apple, then how did he do it? If it was not an illusion made by an Apple, and the Shroud was not what brought him back, how did he do it? I think that because when the Shroud touched his corpse, His power absorbed into it, and enhanced it's restorative powers. It brought Jesus back, because Jesus' power soaked into it, making it's effects stronger than they were originally designed to be. No one but Jesus has ever used it to come back, AND only AFTER Jesus used it, did people claim to hear a loving voice come from the Shroud, wanting to heal them. I think part of Jesus' loving personality was also absorbed into it when He touched it, because Jesus was GOD! And on a final note, I don't think that the Templars were behind the creation of the Christian and Jewish faith, since the Templar Order did not gain influence in the church until the days of Altair, when the Crusaders found the Piece of Eden. It was then, and only then, that they sought to bind themselves with the church officials so they could hold influence. So they would have had no say in what went into the Old and New Testament which were written over 1,000 years prior. So there you go! Gods plan, how it relates to Assassins Creed, and all the reasoning behind it. I doubt Ubisoft will go for it, but its not gonna stop me from believing it. You know why? Because I choose to, and I thank God that I can.
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Not to spark a religious debate, but if the Assassin's Creed Universe is meant to be based on reality, it is far more likely that divine intervention was used. Evolutionists attempt to mock Creationists by claiming that we are less "scientific" than they are, but science and logic easily prove evolution wrong! Many evolutionists to date merely refuse to accept Creation as more likely than evolution, because they don't want all their years of research to have been viewed as a waste of time. They claimed that Darwin's "Laws of Variation" were applicable to the process of Evolution, but when it was realized that his process would not work, studies of genetic mutations were still in infancy, so they were passed off as proof to save Darwin's theory. Evolution is only possible if mutations are able to introduce beneficial information. Mutations however, destroy beneficial information, and express harmful or useless information. Any beneficial information that is expressed is the result of genetic recombination. Beneficial= increases the chances of reproduction Useful= "beneficial" mutations that are tailored to the individual Harmful= expresses that which prevents one from surviving or reproducing Mutation= a mistake in the DNA or RNA sequence that results in the deletion of information Recombination= a process of reorganizing preexisting information to increase chances of survival and reproduction Darwin was not witnessing new information being spontaneously created, rather he was seeing the results of preexisting genes being expressed. And even in this instance, there is a limit to how much variation is possible. All variations may result in the creation of a new form of a species, but it has yet to produce an entirely different species. One cannot endlessly breed animals to create a new one; eventually you will run out of available information and the progression of "new species" will plateau. There are a staggering number of possibilities when referring to genetic variation, but the amount of variation required to support Darwin's theory exceeds the biological limits of a species. Beneficial mutations can occur, but all that have been recorded to date have resulted in the loss of genetic information. "Dr. Sanford references a study by J. Bergman in his book: Bergman (2004) has studied the topic of beneficial mutations. Among other things, he did a simple literature search via Biological Abstracts and Medicine. He found 453,732 mutation hits, but among these only 186 mentioned the word beneficial (about 4 in 10,000). When those 186 references were reviewed, almost all the presumed beneficial mutations were only beneficial in a very narrow sense but consistently involved loss-of-function changes (hence loss of information). He was unable to find a single example of a mutation which unambiguously created new information. (2)" The only way for evolution to work according to evolutionists is if a mutation can add new information. Mutations must be inherited by offspring in order to work, but natural selection does not have the power to see inside an organism and choose which genes to pass on. So only mutations within reproductive cells can be inherited, and any mutation in another part of that animal's body will die with it. "Dr. Sanford references a study by Motoo Kimura that indicates the overwhelming majority of mutations are near neutral and the rest are negative or have selective disadvantage. Kimura didnt show any mutations that have selective advantage (positive mutations) because they are so rare they were not worthy of consideration in his study. (4) Earlier, it was mentioned that natural selection works at the level of the entire organism. If a mutation occurs in an organism as the first step in a chain of mutations that would potentially benefit the organism in some way, but by itself doesnt offer any advantage, natural selection will be blind to the change and will not favor that individual organism in the struggle for existence. Additionally, if the mutation doesnt damage the organism, the mutation is considered a near neutral mutation. Figure 1: Kimuras Mutation Distribution Curve Kimura used a rating scale for mutations that ranged from neutral (0) to lethal (1) in a graph of all the mutations he studied. Nearly all mutations are clustered near 0 (neutral) in his graph. A few were spread out towards 1 (lethal) on the selective disadvantage side of the graph and none were shown on the selective advantage side of the graph. Kimura is famous for introducing the concept of a No Selection Zone close to 0 in his graph. His research and analysis showed that natural selection cannot see mutations that dont clearly give the organism an advantage or a disadvantage in the struggle for existence. As a result, a species may, over time, build up a load of neutral or slightly deleterious mutations; sort of like rusting out the genome rather than only preserving and adding up all that is good. (1) (2) This contradicts Darwins statements in Origins: It may be said that natural selection is daily and hourly scrutinizing, throughout the world, every variation, even the slightest; rejecting that which is bad, preserving and adding up all that is good; silently and insensibly working, whenever and wherever opportunity offers, at the improvement of each organic being in relation to its organic and inorganic conditions of life. (1) The implication of Kimuras research is that natural selection cannot see the vast majority of genetic mutations and when the sought after beneficial mutation does occur, it is predicted to be within Kimuras no selection zone, thus never making it into the gene pool of the population." Natural selection works at the level of the entire organism. It is theoretically possible for a "first step" mutation to be the cause of multiple others if it is expressed. But if that mutation is unable to prove beneficial on it's own, it will be ignored, and passed off as a neutral mutation. Natural selection will not detect mutations that do not CLEARLY give the organism an advantage or disadvantage. This results in potential advantageous ones being ignored and left alone, and neutral or potentially harmful ones being unconsciously stockpiled I"n his book, Not by Chance, Dr. Lee Spetner indicates mutations rates are between 0.1 and 10 per billion transcriptions (DNA copying process) (Fersht 1981, Drake 1969, 1991). For other organisms, the mutation rate is between 0.01 and 1 per billion transcriptions. Spetner performs a calculation to determine the probability of random genetic mutations guided by natural selection can produce a new species that requires 500 steps (Stebbins 1966). Stebbins, an architect of modern evolution, estimated it would take 500 steps to get a new species. (3) Spetner indicates the following information is needed: What is the chance of getting a mutation? (mean mutation rate used is 10e-10) What fraction of the mutations has a selective advantage (i.e. natural selection will see the mutation as beneficial and preserve it)? (0.1% is used in calculation) How many replications there are in each step of the chain of cumulative selection (i.e. how many births will it take to fix the new mutation into the population)? (50 million is used in the calculation) How many of those steps there have to be to achieve a new species? (500 steps is used in the calculation) For a mutation to be a part of a typical step, Spetner sets the following criteria: It must have a positive selective value, and Add a little information to the genome Spetner calculates the chances of a new species being produced by this process as 3.6x10e2738 to one. In his book, Spetner works through several examples leading up to a probability that he thinks most people would agree is impossible such as flipping a coin 150 times and each time it displayed heads (10e45 to one). The probability in the new species example is more than 2000 orders of magnitude smaller than that in the coin example. Thus, Spetner concludes that random genetic variation guided by natural selection cannot produce a new species from an existing one. Dr. J.C. Sanfords Calculation (2) According sources referenced in Dr. Sanfords book, the human genetic mutation rate is between 100-300 mutations (within the reproductive cells) per person per generation (Kondrashov, 2002; Nachman and Crowell, 2000). Dr. Sanford, using various assumptions used in the field of population genetics calculates it would take 12 million years to fix a single base pair mutation into a population. This mutation is only the first of a series of mutations that would be required to create an entirely new gene. He further calculates that to create a gene with 1000 base pairs, it would take 12 million x 1000 or 12 billion years. This is obviously too slow to support the creation of the human genome containing 3 billion base pairs." Beneficial mutations DO occur, but are never passed on for a variety of reasons: The organism dies before reproducing The mutation is recessive and never expressed The mutation may be lost due to genetic drift resulting from the other two Beneficial mutation is at most: adaptation, which is not even evolution