is it worth $15?

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i never played these games but i would like a fun multiplayer experience.   also i know the story of the game by watching my frineds play the other 2.  so my question is this game worth $15 on the playstation store?  (currently disscounted 50% off for playstation plus users)    


or is the online mode full of cheaters and what not online?   (like people who use some weird exploit to kill you etc...)   like will i be able to hide in crowds easily or can they pick out your avatar since im sure you dont look EXACTLY the same as the rest of the npcs?    just sounds like fun but if thats all im getting it for i want to know is it worth it still?


thanks for your opinoons.   


and yes i have read reviews and read multiple comments about the game.   it gave me mixed emotions so im asking the community what they think.    

just rememer its only $15 for now and would like to decide before they remove that disscount.

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Its worth the price for sure. As you are aware the storyline is amAzing. The online side of things is a load of fun but after so long it may get a bit boring but that applies to most games. But yea it's worth the price for what you can get out of it.