If you got nothing better to do....

User Rating: 6.5 | Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles DS
Yeah, finally I get to be an assassin....but sadly this game has too many flaws.
There are several glitches too several to mention. Fighting is exciting the first time then transforms into a dull routine later on. Like pressing the nitro button, then you run out of nitro, then the next thing is you know, you lose some speed.

Gameplay 7.0
Their are several killing moves if you time your attacks or counter-attacks. I'm better off just by using hack-and-slash method though. Killing guards from the back is a hassle since you have to be in an exact place to activate instant kill. And you'll rarely do that. Plenty of platforming action around but that's just about it. Stupid enemy AI.

Graphics 7.0
Pixelated but I don't really mind since its in DS.

Sounds 6.0
It sucks. I just turn it off all the way.

Replay 6.0
Game is mediocre at its best. Play this if you have really nothing better to do or if you want to experience being an assassin one more time.