Wow i mean wow!

User Rating: 9.5 | Assassin's Creed X360
Well i gota be honest ive read a few bad reviews about this game before it was Relased which kinda i mean kinda threw me off. I got the game put it in my X-box and it blew me away. The Story is superb im not going to give anything away but its leaves everything open. And Everything else ties in.

Gameplay is split into to Combat And Movement. Combat is Repatative yet fun and why not repeat something that is fun?? Its not the combat that really stands out but the whole way of controlling Altiar, you can jump buildings with ease, jump from roof to roof or just simply blend in with your surrondings. Climbimg has to be the best part about this game. Its so easy yet effective. I havnt seen a game that has pulled this off or even got a close to the real thing then "Assassins".

The truly amazing this are the graphics animations and the whole world you are left to play in. The graphics are superb the make he most of the next gen tecnology and the animations are top drawn and youll begin to take them for granted as you watch Altiar smoothly move around the living world.

Well if you really want to experience this buy the game im 100% sure you will enjoy it