"WoW" is all I can say about this gorgeous game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Assassin's Creed PS3
What can be said about Assassin's Creed that has not already been said? For the first time in a game, I feel as if my character is in a Real city, and not some abandoned ghost town. It's awesome just exploring the cities and looking around to the detail that is put into how impressive they look. Another first for me, I actually felt as if I was in Jerusalem. I mean, most games their just stories to me, and I go though the levels, killing as much as I can, or doing mundane quest. In this game I do whatever I want, explore as much as I want, and gain as much info on my target as much as I want.
The game has a great combat system, and the kills are satisfying, the guards don't look too much like one another, and but there in uniform. So it's not too bad with killing the same guards, the guards to differ in different cities. The people within the town almost never look alike, which has always killed opened ended games, and made them feel less impressive. Also the people within each city look different to the region, very cool!!
As for Frame Rate, I am glad I bought it on the PS3 because the X-box360 REALLY drops the frame rate. I did have some frame rate problems, but that was only once, and I had a massive amount of guards after me, and people were also on the screen, even than it didn't drop bad enough to not make it playable (WOW for once a multi-platform game that runs better on a Sony PlayStation 3).
All I can say is "WOW", this game is the real deal, and this game is what NEXT-GEN was waiting for!!! This is what we all knew should be coming out for the next-gen systems, but wasn't. Now for all us PlayStation 3 owners out there, let's hope that a game like this comes out, that X-Box360 Sheepeople can't play. :-p
Nothing is to terribly wrong with this game; expect that at some times the graphics have their normal hic-ups, for instance, the hands going into the chest of another person, or one of your body parts going into some of the textures. This, however, are all normal hic-ups that have been going on since the Nintendo 64, and first Play station days. I don't know why companies can't fix this problem, but I guess it's just something that happens no matter what. It does not distract from game play, and it's REALLY not that bad of a problem.
It's also a little goofy to be walking around a HUGE city, with guards and people everywhere, and you knife a guard in the back, and because you did it in an assassination style, no guard reacts. Even if you do it right in front of another guard. They will investigate it (even thou it happened right in front of them), and start asking who did this, and if you stay within the area, they will come after you.
No problems thou take away from the Kill, when you get the person you're going for, the work you put into getting the information, and the preparation you take to get the target within a split second so he can't counter attack you, makes it all worth it. It's like you really have done a job well done.
Also, if the scenery don't make your mouth drop when you ride unto a cliff overlooking the cities, than something is wrong with you.
This game is a must buy for any PS3 Owners out there. It's what the PS3 was built for, and for once it beats the X-box360 in terms of playing the game better. GET THIS GAME!!!!!