One of THE best online MMORPG's

User Rating: 9.6 | Ashen Empires PC
first of all this game has been updated way past the point of those screen shots, it looks way nicer. and here's a little about the game. in short you can do ANYTHING. Want to be a Demonic Blacksmith? then you can be. with a wide variety of trade skills (mining, farming, smithing, etc.) you can live your dreams of being a demonic blacksmith? o.0. also with a wide variety of weapon classes (small blades, Large blades, axes, etc.) you can kick ass anyway you choose to. There are Multiple Endless quests that you cna choose to do, and a large variety of spells to choose from, seeing on what kind of Mage you want to be (body, [main focus Healing and Buffing], Soul [Buffing], Mind [buffing and Intelligence increases], Nature [damage] there are two different servers. Legends adn Heroes, Heroes is a PvP (Player vs. Player) server, meaning you can still hunt monsters for items, mine or whatever you want to do, just there are no wilderness rules (meaning you can attack and kill / be killed by other players) loot them for there stuff, you know the natural criminal stuff. now for Legends, its a Non PvP server meaning the only way to fight someone is to do it in the battle arena. There's an update in the making called Sands of Creation this will allow players to purchase property and develop houses on them. this is basically everything about the game in short. so i hope you like playing it