First off, TKO no longer owns this game. It is owned by the devs now. Second, this is a great game that is addictive!

User Rating: 10 | Ashen Empires PC
Okay, like I said before, this game is highly addictive. I am by no means the longest player of this game even at 6 years now as there are 100's of subscribers that have been playing the game since about 1987 or '88. And still continue to subscribe to the game to this very day! It isn't that Ashen Empires has the best 3D graphics (although they do have pseudo-3D Isometric graphics that are quite beautiful indeed). It isn't that Ashen Empires has the most subscribers of any online game, of course, last I checked, there were about 20-30 thousand different players either subscribing or playing on the free-to-play tutorial island.

You know what DOES bring players back for more time and again with Ashen Empires? It is a combination of competitive pricing, a fantastic community, unlimited free-to-play on the tutorial island as well as on the Dransik game which has been released again (Dransik is the predecessor to Ashen Empires). Also, there is the hundreds of quests both dynamic and static that gives players a unique mission to accomplish anytime they choose to do so. Not to mention the incredibly vast lands, monsters, bosses, AND very skilled pvp'ers (player-vs-player) present on the pvp server (Heroes Server). This is not to say that there isn't something there for those who would rather Role Play or hone their skills in the non-combat areas such as trade skills, magic (both combat and non-combat) or even those who like to help others ingame (The VWC or Valinor Welcoming Committee is an officially sanctioned group by the developers run by the community for the purpose of helping new players to Ashen Empires.

But hey, I could keep rambling on here. OR.... you could just go to and try the game out for yourself (FOR FREE!).