Zorua Is Coming To Pokemon Go Today--Here's How To Catch It

Trainers will have just a short window to catch Zorua debut during today's Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go


Over the past week, Pokemon Go has been teasing a Halloween-related event with found-footage style videos, which were suspiciously reminiscent of the trailer for Hisuian Zorua in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. As it turns out, Zorua is actually coming to Pokemon Go for the first time this Halloween--here's how you can catch it.

The teasers posted by Pokemon Go included videos and screenshots with large numbers of Pokemon such as Noibat, Magikarp, and Pikachu spawning on the map, including references to Shuppet's Spotlight Hour. Now, Niantic has revealed that Zorua is the Pokemon behind these mysterious spawns, which are related to the buddy Pokemon the Trainer has accompanying them.

If you want to catch Zorua in Pokemon Go, you'll have to have your buddy on the map during tonight's Shuppet Spotlight Hour, which runs on October 25 between 6pm and 7pm in players' local time.

For the first five minutes of the Spotlight Hour, multiple copies of your buddy Pokemon will spawn on the map, even if it's a Legendary or other rare Pokemon. When you tap on these Pokemon, you will encounter the trickster Pokemon Zorua instead.

Niantic has reported that this event will happen in both the first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes of the Spotlight Hour, however early reports from players in New Zealand have suggested that the event hasn't spawned for a second time at the end of the hour.

UPDATE: Niantic has confirmed that a bug was spotted during the first Zorua spawn in New Zealand, causing the event to be disabled for the second period in that region, as well as for subsequent time zones. Niantic hasn't said when it expects to enable the event again, and it hasn't currently announced any plans for players in affected regions to make up for the loss of the event. More updates will presumably be posted to the Niantic Support Twitter account as they come.

The second part of Pokemon Go's Halloween event will be starting this week on October 27, check out all the details here.

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