Zoom Now Has In-App Games To Destroy Your Productivity

Nine different games can be played directly through Zoom.


Since the start of the pandemic, those who hadn't previously worked from home have gotten very accustomed to using Zoom for their meetings, and the video conference tool certainly makes it easy to touch base with your colleagues. Now, it's making it a little easier to have fun with them, too, as several different multiplayer games are available to play directly in the app.

No, you're not going to be playing Rainbow Six or Mortal Kombat within Zoom (though we wouldn't mind that), but you will be able to play some social multiplayer games that fit within the video call format. These include poker, a social deduction game called Werewolf with Friends that definitely isn't Werewolves Within, and the Jackbox-style game Gaggle Party. You can see a full list of games on the Zoom marketplace.

Werewolf with Friends
Werewolf with Friends

The games make sense considering how people have gotten creative with Zoom already during the pandemic, holding movie nights or trying to play their own games through video chat without any official support. Jackbox Party Pack supports Twitch streaming and participation to make it a little easier, as well, though the latency on that can make it a little less fun than playing with people face-to-face.

Zoom lets you record your calls without any extra software, which means you can feasibly capture all the games you play with your friends and coworkers over Zoom and share them on YouTube. We're waiting to see who becomes the first successful Zoomtuber.

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