Zoo Tycoon sells a million

As its Marine Mania expansion nears release, Microsoft announces that the original Zoo Tycoon has sold more than a million units.


Microsoft has today announced that its Zoo Tycoon strategy game, in which players are challenged to build and maintain a successful zoo, has sold more than a million copies since it was released in October last year.

In May this year, the first expansion pack for the game was released. Zoo Tycoon offers players the chance to enhance their zoo with living prehistoric exhibits raised from eggs. At the same time, players are required to upgrade their park's security to prevent the new attractions from making a meal of the paying public.

This week will see the release of the second Zoo Tycoon expansion pack from Blue Fang Games and Microsoft. Zoo Tycoon will introduce aquatic exhibits to the proceedings, along with 20 new species and a number of new things to worry about, such as keeping water levels correct and keeping water clean. For more information on Zoo Tycoon and its subsequent expansion packs, check out our previous coverage of the games.

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