Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection announced

Microsoft announces a Zoo Tycoon bundle that includes the original game, both expansion packs, and an all-new Endangered Species theme pack.


Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection

Microsoft Game Studios has today announced that it will release Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection for the PC this summer. The pack, which is expected to retail for $29.99, includes the original Zoo Tycoon game, the Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania expansion packs, and an all-new Endangered Species theme pack.

The pack will give players looking to establish and maintain their own zoo access to more than 500 buildings and objects and more than 100 different animals. The new Endangered Species theme pack will include around 40 new objects based on four new themes, three new scenarios, and 12 animals on the endangered or threatened species list, including orangutans, whale sharks, and Komodo dragons.

Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection is currently scheduled for release later this summer. We'll bring you more information on the pack as soon as it becomes available.

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