Zombies Invade London In Latest Watch Dogs: Legion Of The Dead Free Update

Legion of the Dead is now available for all players following an alpha release this past June.


After pitting them against a fascist government, Ubisoft has a new enemy in store for Watch Dogs: Legion players: the undead. A new mode for the game, titled Legion of the Dead, launched today in a free update for players across all platforms. Legion of the Dead tasks small teams of four players against zombie armies as they try to escape the streets of London with as many supplies as they can carry.

Legion of the Dead was previously added to Watch Dogs: Legion this past June, albeit as an alpha release and just for PC players. Starting today, players across all platforms can face down the undead through the streets of futuristic London.

The game mode tasks players with escaping the zombie-ridden city with as many supplies as they can. However, not only are the undead in the way but so are Albion soldiers that have hoarded supplies for themselves. Players will have to navigate around the zombies that have flooded into the city and take on soldiers to gather supplies and new resources, including ammo and gadgets. After collecting a set amount of supplies, players can head to an extraction point and escape the city.

Following a successful extraction, the game will reward players with Z-Creds, a new currency that can only be used in Legion of the Dead. These can be spent on weapons and gadgets that can only be purchased, not found out in the field.

Along with zombies, Watch Dogs: Legion has recently brought Assassins into its dystopian setting. The game's 5.5 title update added new game modes and a crossover with Assassin's Creed.

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