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Zombie Survival Game Nakwon: Last Paradise Getting A Playtest Next Week

You can join a pre-alpha playtest starting on November 29.


Dave The Diver has been considered one of the biggest indie game success stories of 2023, and now Mintrocket, the team behind the well-received pixel art fishing and management sim game, is pivoting to a very different project: a third-person PvPvE zombie stealth survival game in the vein of DayZ. Previously revealed in September, Nakwon: Last Paradise will open its doors to players for a pre-alpha playtest beginning on November 29 and ending on December 3.

In Nakwon: Last Paradise, players have to survive a post-apocalyptic version of Seoul, South Korea, which means few firearms will be available. Instead, they'll need to use stealth, smarts, and, when all else fails, melee weapons. The game will be played in a PvPvE setting, which seems intended to give it the same uneasy alliance element of a game like DayZ, where each human player you come upon may be a friend or foe. Alongside news of the playtest comes this 20-minute gameplay video featuring work-in-progress gameplay.

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The game also features an extraction gameplay loop that sounds akin to something like Escape from Tarkov, Call of Duty's DMZ, or Vigor, where they'll enter the city with other players, loot up as best they can, and then try to escape with their loot--and their life.

Mintrocket says this first pre-alpha playtest will be made available via the game's Steam page and will be free for anyone who would like to join, with no restrictions on the number of players who may play. Additional playtests are planned as well, though no more details are available on those for now. Players who wish to provide feedback or follow the game more closely are also invited to join the Nakwon Discord server. For now, only PC has been revealed as a platform for Nakwon.

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