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Zombie MMO H1Z1 Hits 1m Sales

John Smedley announces milestone for Steam Early Access title.

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H1Z1, the open-world zombie survival game from the studio formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, has surpassed one million sales on Steam.

Daybreak Studios, the game's developer that became independent from Sony in February, announced the sales landmark on Twitter. John Smedley, the president of the company, exclaimed: "We have sold 1M copies of H1Z1 on Steam!"

Currently the MMO is only available as a Steam Early Access title, meaning players are experiencing the project in alpha and beta state. When H1Z1 first launched, in January, strong demand for the game led to numerous server issues.

In March, Smedley said the company would soon be adding a monthly pass allowing unlimited access to a game mode called Battle Royale, a last-man-standing multiplayer event.

Currently, the game provides free access to Battle Royal, but eventually it will become a premium mode that requires either a monetary fee or a ticket that could be earned in-game.

However, this monetisation was postponed after fans suggested the code was too unfinished to reasonably charge players for it.

Smedley acquiesced to this, explaining: "What's clear is that you expect more from us in terms of quality level so that's what we're going to do. We'll focus on bugs, awesome new stuff and adding a ton of features to Battle Royale and our main game to make you feel like you're more than happy to pay for it. Only then will we charge for it."

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