Zoids trundling to Xbox 360

Tomy to bring arcade battler Zoid Infinity EX Neo to Microsoft's new system; online and offline multiplayer supported.


Tomy's long-running series of games based on the motorized toy line, Zoids, is making its way to the Xbox 360. According to the latest issue of Famitsu, the company is bringing the arcade action game Zoid Infinity EX Neo to the next-generation console for a spring 2006 release in Japan.

Similar to the original arcade version, players will battle one another on Zoid mechs in various arenas ranging from a barren wasteland to a bustling cityscape. Tomy hasn't announced specifics on playable characters for the Xbox 360 release, but the arcade version featured more than 30 different Zoids and numerous components that could be purchased for customization.

Zoid Infinity EX Neo for the 360 also includes multiplayer modes. Gamers will be able to go online through Xbox Live to find competition, or use a split-screen view to duke it out on the same system.

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