Zifeng 'hellokitty' Wang retires

The North American protoss player for Fnatic has retired from competitive SC2.


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hellokitty retires from competitive SC2 after close to three years of actively competing in North America. Wang cites in his goodbye statement that there were two major factors that affected his decision; pressure from his family, as well as the lacklustre attitude of North American SC2 players.

The second and the more important reason to my retirement is the NA attitude. Suppy and Kane released a video a few days ago that accurately depict the currently NA scene. To be brutally honest, it’s pretty garbage. No one practices consistently and everyone just sit around on their Skype chats ready to start some flames. Each group has its own cliques resembling some shit from high school. We are much divided on many fronts in NA compare to Korea or Europe. This disheartens me so much; it led me to quit this game.

hellokitty’s biggest competitive success came when he competed in the first season of NA WCS Premier League in 2013, but was unable to advance out of his group.

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