Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Gets a Demo, But It's Pretty Limited

You can get a taste for the game, but much of the demo will be inaccessible after this weekend.


Today's weekly update to the Nintendo eShop brings with it a demo for the latest 3DS Zelda game, Tri Force Heroes, although there are some strict limitations on how it can be played.

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The demo doesn't allow access to the single-player version of the game (which, by many accounts, is a less-than-ideal way to play). Instead, you can connect with other demo players locally to try out one of the game's dungeons, or you can head online to play through three dungeons.

However, online play is only available at specific times, not unlike the Splatoon demo. There's a two-hour window each of the next three days where the online co-op is accessible. The schedule follows below.

  • Oct. 30: 3-5 PM PT
  • Oct. 31: 3-5 PM PT
  • Nov. 1: 3-5 PM PT

At this point, it's unclear if there will be additional dates where the demo will be playable online.

Another restriction of note involves who you can play with--those playing the demo can only connect with others on the demo.

Tri Force Heroes was released last week. It's a multiplayer-centric game set after A Link Between Worlds that sees players changing outfits to gain different powers. (Three of these are available in the demo: the Hero's Tunic, Kokiri Clothes, and Legendary Dress.) For more on what to expect, check out GameSpot's review.

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