Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Zonai Device Dispenser Locations

Here's where to find Device Dispensers no matter which corner of Link's brave new world you're in.


In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you'll want to find Zonai Device Dispensers in order to trade your Construct Horns or Zonai Charges for portable Zonai Devices--colloquially known as all the cool stuff the ancient civilization left behind. Things like wings, fans, flame emitters, and more can be used to make some truly incredible contraptions, and even in the game's first week since launch, we've seen some remarkable feats of engineering. But none of it is possible without Zonai Devices. In order to stay stocked up on those items, here's where to find Device Dispensers all over Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda Device Dispenser locations

Device Dispensers are sort of like gumball machines--in fact, they're very obviously made to look and behave like them. Go into your inventory and choose to hold up to five Zonai Charges or Construct Horns--like you would when cooking--and out will roll random Zonai Devices. The more tradeable items you have, the more you can stock up on Zonai Devices, so it's important to pick them up whenever you can--they're often dropped by enemies.

We've found many Device Dispensers in our travels, and though we suspect there are even more tucked away, the number of Device Dispenser locations we have already gives you plenty of options for pit stops during your travels. Use our gallery of images below to find the one nearest to where you are--or where you're heading--and get trading.

Also note that most Device Dispensers we've found have been in the sky region, so you'll need to know how to get to the sky once you've left Great Sky Island.

Just a few Zonai Charges can result in an embarrassment of Zonai riches.
Just a few Zonai Charges can result in an embarrassment of Zonai riches.

With plenty of Zonai Devices, you'll be able to creatively explore the world, which is helpful when you're tracking down all 152 Shrines in the game on the way to earning the 100% Shrine completion reward. For more guides, don't miss our Tears of the Kingdom guides hub.

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