Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - All Skyview Towers Locations

Discover Skyview Towers that act as teleporters and vantage points in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Towers launch Link all the way up into the air. From there, you should have a clear view of your surroundings and numerous landmarks. Oh, and they also act as fast travel points. Here's our guide to help you find and unlock all 15 Skyview Towers in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to unlock all Skyview Towers in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Towers appear as tall structures with bright spotlights, highly visible from a distance. They're normally unlocked once you interact with their respective terminals, thereby creating a fast travel point/teleportation circle. Then, upon stepping onto the central platform, Link will be launched high up. This reveals the surface and sky portions on your map. Moreover, you can use these as skydiving spots so you can reach landmarks.

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Think of these structures as akin to Sheikah Towers. Alternatively, if you're like me and this is your first Zelda game, then these are sort of like Assassin's Creed sync points or Genshin Impact Statues of the Seven.

Skyview Towers on the world map

In any case, our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Towers guide discusses all of those that you can find and unlock during the campaign. You can also check out the two images showing the world map below. Likewise, we take note of any additional tasks that are required for a select few. Lastly, for other teleportation-related mechanics, you can visit our fast travel methods guide.

Left: Northern portion of the world map; Right: Southern portion of the world map.

Hyrule: Lookout Landing

  • Location: Central Hyrule.
  • Unlock requirement: This Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower is part of the story progression, while the rest can be unlocked in any order. For this one, simply reach Lookout Landing, then complete the main quest to speak to Captain Hoz at the top of the Gatehouse. Once you return, Purah will teach this in-game mechanic.

Hyrule: Hyrule Field

  • Location: South of Lookout Landing.
  • Unlock requirement: Head inside the tower and interact with the terminal. This place, however, is also a Bokoblin camp, so watch out for enemies.

Hyrule: Lindor's Brow

  • Location: In the middle of a lake just northwest of Lookout Landing.
  • Unlock requirement: You'll have to use your Ultrahand to grab, align, and attach several wooden planks, creating a makeshift structure that will let you reach the rock formation.

Hyrule: Typhlo Ruins

  • Location: Further north of the Lost Forest.
  • Unlock requirement: There's a large Hover Stone blocking the top of the tower. Likewise, there are other Hover Stones that are closer to the ground, and these have Rockets. The idea is to attach and use Rockets so the Hover Stone can be lifted further up into the air. Then, once you have a good angle, align a Rocket so that it faces the one on top of the structure, causing the platform to get pushed away. It takes a bit of trial and error, but there are multiple Hover Stones and Rockets that you can use.
From left to right: Hyrule Field; Lindor's Brow; Typhlo Ruins.

Hebra: Rospro Pass

  • Location: Just above the Hebra Trailhead Lodge, which you'll pass through if you're heading to Rito.
  • Unlock requirement: The tower is in a snowy area, and it's also surrounded by thorny vines. You might want to farm a lot of Spicy Peppers so you can cook meals that will keep you warm. Speaking of warmth, throw a Fire Fruit at the vines to burn them.

Hebra: Pikida Stonegrove

  • Location: Well northeast of Rospro Pass, so you'll probably fly then glide all the way to any location that's closer to it.
  • Unlock requirement: The journey will be long and arduous, so bring some Spicy Pepper food.

Gerudo: Gerudo Highlands

  • Location: At the edge of the plateau further west of Gerudo Canyon.
  • Unlock requirement: Once you arrive, you'll notice that you can't access the door since it's been covered in snow. However, you'll also see a nearby cave. Head inside and follow the waterfall past the Bubbulfrog. You'll spot a wooden platform in the middle of the underground river. Stand on it, then use your Ascend ability. You'll end up in the central room with the terminal.

Gerudo: Gerudo Canyon

  • Location: At the top of the ridge once you reach the end of the valley.
  • Unlock requirement: It's blistering hot in this area, so make sure you've got the right meals and clothing. Head to the top of the ridge, then grab one of the large metal containers. This can be attached to the pulley, causing the door to open.
From left to right: Rospro Pass; Pikida Stonegrove; Gerudo Highlands; Gerudo Canyon.

Eldin: Eldin Canyon

  • Location: On a hilltop northeast of Lookout Landing.
  • Unlock requirement: The tower door is locked, but it has no roof. That means you have to climb all the way to the top of the structure. You can use ledges, overhangs, and beams until you get there. Then, glide back down so you can tag the terminal.

Akkala: Ulri Mountain

  • Location: At the edge of a clearing further northeast of the Eldin Canyon tower.
  • Unlock requirement: An Aerocuda has stolen the terminal and is flying around the tower. Take out your bow and attach a homing device to your arrow, such as a Keese Eyeball. This will cause the arrow to track the target. Once it's dead, pick up the terminal and slot it back in.

Lanayru: Upland Zorana

  • Location: At the top of a mountain range above the rivers and lakes.
  • Unlock requirement: Sludge is covering the door. Throw a Splash Fruit to remove the gunk.

Lanayru: Mount Lanayru

  • Location: At the top of the mountain range in the snowy region.
  • Unlock requirement: You simply need to reach the area to tag the terminal. The problem is that it's going to be a long trek through cold terrain, so bring those Spicy Pepper meals. Also of note is that there are two quests nearby: The High Spring and the Light Rings and Goddess Statue of Wisdom.
From left to right: Eldin Canyon; Ulri Mountain; Upland Zorana; Mount Lanayru.

Necluda: Sahasra Slope

  • Location: On a grassy hilltop past a Battle Talus and a grazing field for horses.
  • Unlock requirement: An NPC will tell you that the door is locked, but there's a nearby cave with mushrooms. Head inside the cave (you need not bother with the mushrooms if you don't need them). You should pass a Bubbulfrog near a small cavern with a boulder. Grab and move the boulder to reveal an opening. Inside this spot, you can use Ascend to end up in the central room.

Necluda: Popla Foothills

  • Location: On a grassy field just south of Sahasra Slope.
  • Unlock requirement: The door is open but there's no power to the terminal. However, you should see a well next to the tower. Down below, an NPC will tell you that he's been trapped. Go to the opposite side of the hill to find the other entrance to the cave. Next, lift and stone and drop it on the pressure plate.

Necluda: Rabella Wetlands

  • Location: In the middle of a swampy and rain-swept area that's further southeast of Popla Foothills.
  • Unlock requirement: The rain will never cease here, and the tower is surrounded by rings of thorny vines. Make your way to the center and interact with the wooden planks. You should be able to create a structure that resembles a shed/cover. You can then toss a Fire Fruit at the vines to burn them.
From left to right: Sahasra Slope; Popla Foothills; Rabella Wetlands.

There are numerous mechanics and facets to learn in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For more information, you can visit our guides hub.

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