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This Awesome Tears Of The Kingdom Switch Controller Is Still Discounted At Amazon

Hori's Split Pad Pro is one of the best Nintendo Switch controllers for portable play.


If there's one aspect of the Nintendo Switch that can be easily improved, it's the detachable Joy-Con controllers. These little controllers are cute and can be used for some fun multiplayer gaming, but they aren't the most ergonomic devices to use during long gaming stretches. Fortunately, Hori's Split Pad Pro makes for a great third-party substitute, and you can grab a set for just $41 at Amazon.--though Zelda fans may want to opt for the Tears of the Kingdom-themed edition of the Split Pad Pro, which is on sale for $54 (normally $60).

Hori Split Pad Pro deals

Hori Split Pad Pro - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom edition
Hori Split Pad Pro - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom edition

The Split Pad Pro is arguably the best Switch controller for handheld mode thanks to its more traditional form factor. Essentially an Xbox-like controller that has been split in half, the Split Pad Pro has a durable texture, a comfortable grip, and an attractive translucent black design. Additionally, the standard array of face and shoulder buttons, triggers, and the D-Pad are complemented by a pair of remappable back buttons and a turbo button.

When attached to a Nintendo Switch--these work with both the regular and OLED models--you won't have to remove them as they don't clash with the console when it's inserted back into its charging dock.

Keep in mind that the Split Pad Pro only works when attached to your console in handheld mode, and it doesn't offer rumble, NFC support for Amiibo, or motion controls,

Both of these deals are fairly notable, as the Split Pad Pro is the rare third-party controller that isn't subject to many discounts. The $41 price point for the black model is just about as low as it gets for the Split Pad Pro. The 10% discount on the Zelda-themed model may not sound like much, but the controller released in August, and this is the first-ever deal. Zelda fans should keep in mind that the themed versions of the Split Pad Pro have been known to sell out and not come back. The deals were initially part of Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days sale from earlier this week, but remain available even though the event is over, along with tons of other offers on Switch games, table top games, movies, and more. We're not sure how long the price drop will stick around, however, so make sure to grab them before the deal ends.

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