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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Comes With A Fork And Spoon Preorder Bonus In Japan

People in Japan who preorder with Amazon get a utensil or two.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom comes with a special preorder bonus in Japan, and it is not what anyone probably expected. As revealed by Wario64 on Twitter, preorders of the massively anticipated RPG from Amazon Japan come with a fork or a spoon, or both.

Now, these aren't your average, everyday forks and spoons. These are specially branded Legend of Zelda forks and spoons that you can use to eat anything your heart desires. They look nice. And they come with the words "The Legend of Zelda" on them, as well as associated Zelda imagery.

You need to preorder the Collector's Edition to get the fork and the spoon, it seems. Preorders of the standard edition come with just the spoon, which is good if you like soup and oatmeal. Note that people in the US can import this, if you really want that spoon and/or fork.

Tears of the Kingdom releases on May 12 and it's expected to be Nintendo's biggest game of 2023. It has very big shoes to fill, as 2017's Breath of the Wild earned rave reviews and sold more than 29 million copies.

Preorders for Tears of the Kingdom are live now, and here's how you can save $10. It is the first Nintendo-published game to sell for $70, as Nintendo is following PlayStation and Xbox in raising prices for marquee titles by $10. Nintendo has clarified that not every one of its Switch games may cost $70, however.

In other Switch news, the system has sold more than 122 million units, making it the third best-selling console in the history of the world.

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