Zelda: Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystal Quest Guide - Missing Crystal Ball

Sparrot the fortune teller is missing his crystal ball; here's where to find it and earn some more Gratitude Crystals.


In addition to your quest to find Zelda, you'll be hunting for a ton of collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, from traditional items like heart pieces to unique ones like Gratitude Crystals. You'll typically receive these crystalized bits of happiness after helping out the various residents of Skyloft with their problems, and they can be exchanged for some helpful rewards and upgrades, making them very valuable.

Nearly every character you encounter in Skyloft has some sort of problem they need help with, including the fortune teller Sparrot. Here's how to complete Sparrot's side quest and earn some more Gratitude Crystals. We have a ton of other Skyward Sword HD guides in our roundup, including heart piece and Goddess Cube locations, as well as beginner's tips. Be sure to also check out our full Zelda: Skyward Sword HD review.

Missing Crystal Ball

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Location: Sparrot's house at East Skyloft

Prerequisites: Must defeat The Imprisoned for the second time and have the Clawshot

Once you've returned to Skyloft after battling the Imprisoned for the second time, you should head to the eastern part of town and talk to the fortune teller Sparrot at his house. He'll tell you that he needs a new crystal ball. If you remember correctly, there is an object that looks like a crystal ball above the entrance to the Earth Temple at Eldin Volcano. Land at the entrance of the temple, Clawshot yourself above the entrance, and have Scrapper return the crystal ball to Skyloft for you.

For details on the rest, be sure to read our Gratitude Crystal quest roundup, including walkthroughs for each one, locations for individual Gratitude Crystals, and the rewards you can get from exchanging them.

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