Zelda: Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystal Quest Guide - Missing Baby Rattle

Skyloft's potion sellers are looking for a baby rattle; here's how to complete the quest and earn some more Gratitude Crystals.


The world of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is filled with collectibles, from traditional Zelda staples like heart pieces to unique items like Goddess Cubes and Gratitude Crystals. The latter are particularly valuable; you'll typically receive them when you help out the various residents of Skylot, and you can trade them in for some helpful rewards, including bigger wallets.

One side quest to earn Gratitude Crystals revolves around Bertie and Luv, the potion brewers in Skyloft's Bazaar. Here's what you need to do to complete the quest and earn their Gratitude Crystals. Be sure to check out our Skyward Sword HD guide roundup for beginner's tips, heart piece locations, and more guides. You can also read our full Zelda: Skyward Sword HD review.

The Missing Baby Rattle

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  • Location: Bertie and Luv's house (nighttime) at East Skyloft
  • Prerequisites: Must have the Clawshots which you get from completing the Lanayru Desert Silent Realm (second Silent Realm)

Go to the potion brewers' home at night to learn that the potion brewers will need some assistance with their child. You need to locate their lost rattle to help the baby fall asleep. It's located in a nest near the Bazaar. To get there, grapple with your Clawshot from the entrance of the waterfall cave to the island floating overhead. You can then skydive to the nest and clear the birds' dirt with the Gust Bellows to reveal the missing rattle. Return it to the couple to receive five more Gratitude Crystals. You won't be able to skydive from your Loftwing, which is why you must leap from the island instead.

For details on the rest, be sure to read our Gratitude Crystal quest roundup, including walkthroughs for each one, locations for individual Gratitude Crystals, and the rewards you can get from exchanging them.

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