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Zelda Multiplayer Could Be Next After Breath of the Wild

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma says he'd like to take what he learned from Breath of the Wild and make a multiplayer game around it.


The Legend of Zelda series is no stranger to multiplayer games, and it looks like we could get a new one after Breath of the Wild. Franchise producer Eiji Aonuma says he'd like to take another shot at making a multiplayer Zelda game.

"I would like to take what I learned from Breath of the Wild and see if we can somehow fuse those learning points into another multiplayer Zelda," Aonuma told IGN. "That's definitely a possibility and we will continue to [experiment] throughout the Zelda franchise."

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Games in the series to feature multiplayer include Four Swords Adventures, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and last year's Tri Force Heroes. The Wind Waker also featured a type of multiplayer, where a second player would connect a Game Boy Advance to the GameCube, move an icon around, and grant access to exclusive items.

We learned a lot about the upcoming Breath of the Wild at E3. You can read our hands-on impression here or watch the game's trailer here. Additionally, there's more to learn about the upcoming Zelda through the links below.

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