Zelda in Japan

TOKYO - So how's the most-anticipated N64 game ever doing in Japan? Looks like Nintendo has much to be thankful for.


TOKYO - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released last Saturday in Japan. We explored the streets of Tokyo and gauged Japanese gamers' reaction at the retail shops. In Shinjuku, one of the busiest districts in Tokyo, the shops we visited had no copies of Zelda at noon - all the copies had sold out within two hours of the store's opening.

In Akihabara, the city where you can buy virtually any sort of video game ever released in this world, most of the shops had run out of copies by noon too. Laox Game Kan still had some, but customers wanting to buy the game appeared one after another.

We also went to the shop called Messe Sanoh (you can see a picture inside the shop in latest issue of EGM). The shop actually sold the game in front of the store for more exposure and less confusion. According to the floor manager, Mr. Teruki Tsuchiya, they got 400 copies of Zelda. They were all sold out before 2:00pm.

A large number of people bought the game and a Rumble Pak and in some cases an N64 console too. We also noticed that the people who bought Zelda were relatively older. Although we also heard that there are some leftovers from the initial shipment at retailers located in other parts of country, the latest Zelda will definitely revitalize the N64 market in Japan.

We'll see a few more big Nintendo games by the end of the year, like Banjo-Kazooie, Pikachu Genki Dechu, Mario Party, and F1 World Grand Prix. And Nintendo will release Smash Brothers and Ogre Battle 3 early next year. They have several Game Boy titles as well. If this strong lineup doesn't attract N64 owners to buy, the N64 won't exist in the Japanese market much longer.

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