Zelda Goes Puzzle on GBC

GameSpot News learns that the first Zelda title to come from a Nintendo and Capcom collaboration will be puzzle based.


Reading through the last week's issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, GameSpot News has discovered that Legend of Zelda: Fushigina Kinomi (Mysterious Tree of Fruit, in English), the first Zelda game being co-developed by Nintendo and Capcom, will be a puzzle title. Famitsu has listed several of the games that will be shown at next week's Space World show, and Legend of Zelda: Fushigina Kinomi clearly appears as a puzzle title.

Legend of Zelda: Fushigina Kinomi is slated for release later this year. Nintendo and Capcom are also co-developing two other Game Boy Color Zelda titles that are being slated for a spring 2000 release.

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