Zelda 3DS Spinoff Triforce Heroes Getting Free DLC

The Den of Trials is coming in December.


The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, the recently released spinoff of the acclaimed RPG series for 3DS, is getting free DLC, Nintendo announced today during a Nintendo Direct video presentation.

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The free update is called The Den of Trials. Unlike other dungeons that have four stages, this will have 30, and you'll have to beat every enemy in each stage to progress. However, there will be checkpoints scattered throughout to help.

The update, which launches on December 2, also adds two new uniforms. These are called Fierce Diety (lets you shoot in four directions) and Lineback Uniform (lets you see the loot hidden in treasure chests before you open them).

You can read all of the news and announcements from today's Nintendo Direct right here.

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It's December 2nd!!

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So ... still no 2 player support without finding a third player online? Still not buying.

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Blue 32, Green 43, Red 24... HYPE!