Zeit Squared shoots up XBLA

Xbox Live Update: Ubisoft's shoot-'em-up hits download hub; Need for Speed: Shift & Super Street Fighter IV added to Games on Demand; Activision 50 percent off sale also now on.


No Caption Provided Two weeks ago, Microsoft's Games for the Holidays promotion ended, and in month, the company's House Party sale begins. Now, in the space between, Microsoft continues to add to its online Xbox store.

Leading the pack this week is Ubisoft's Zeit Squared (800 MS points, or $10). A shoot-'em-up, the 2D side-scroller has players blasting through enemies and using the rewind-time feature to use their ghosts to help them defeat foes. The game sports six game modes, 70 challenges, and eight bosses for players to defeat.

Zeit Squared is a game that travels through time and space.
Zeit Squared is a game that travels through time and space.

Added to the Games on Demand hub this week were three titles, the first of which is Electronic Arts' racing title Need for Speed: Shift ($30). Also out on the download space now is Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV ($40) and Atlus' strategy title Operation Darkness ($40).

Health-minded Kinect gamers can download a demo for The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout today from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The sampler gives players a look and feel for the Kinect-enabled title where gamers can track caloric intake, participate in workouts, and record a video diary to track progress.

Gamers looking for a deal can download a range of Activision properties for half their usual going rate. Call of Duty map packs, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock track packs, DJ Hero 2 mixes, and more are 50 percent off until January 17. For a full list of discounted titles, check out Major Nelson’s blog.

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Avatar image for punksterdaddy

err thanks shaun_ofda_dead, yes i knew that... lol, well actually i never knew that at all. thanks for asking about me and i am on the way 2 being mended finally. so i can download, delete and then download again at no extra cost? well u learn something new everyday, cheers mate... punkster

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@punksterdaddy I don't know if you were aware of this, but you can delete them and re-download them later. Still, I understand what you are talking about (can't bring myself to delete a couple of XBLA games I haven't played in a few years). Hope you are feeling better since you left the hospital :)

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i think we are all in agreement here over on demand games. after i got out of the hospital i had a problem getting out to buy games and therefore downloaded some instead... big mistake, not only is it expensive, i have a 60gb hard drive bursting out with lack of room due 2 these games. maybe its the scottish in me but after paying so much on these games i cant just delete them to make more room, nor cough up even more money 2 microsoft for a larger hard drive... it seems also that after signing up for the xbox loyalty system i have yet to receive any ms points back for all the purchases i have made in the last 3 months... i am so pi55ed at xlive that i am thinking on bailing out 4ever.... we'll see how it goes?

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and don't forget RDR........ 60uss? are you kidding me why??? the game was out on may and it's still full price as game on demands? hahaa what was rockstar thinking?

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Agreed. If download games aren't significantly cheaper than physical copies, I won't touch them.

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Games on Demand is a joke. $40 for Need for Speed: Shift?!? That game was not even that good! Not to mention you can get it used for $5 bucks now.

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@GalvatronType_R You stole my thunder! :P Not only are those games cheaper, but I bought Operation Darkness AND the guide for it, both for a total of $25. Who would ever pay $39.99 for that game, it's like three years old almost! I don't really see or hear a lot about people using the games on demand program, it is way too pricey for sure. Besides, you can't even use your MS points towards the purchase, which is really lame. The savings are not passed on to the consumer at all, we actually get screwed out of part of the product by buying this way. Games on Demand is rated UL for Ultra Lame. And this Activision sale is a joke. Yeah, their are soooo many people ready to purchase map packs for COD 2 at a cheaper price, when they both come with the Platnium HIts version for free. And just as many people play COD 3 online too I bet. :( Put something on sale that matters!

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The Games on Demand program continues to prove how an all download future will not be cheaper. Both Shift and SSF4 can be had physically for much cheaper than their DL prices. Just because they save money on a box, disk media, and instruction manual does not mean the savings get passed to consumers.

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Not a fan of the Activision sale. I hate CoD and GH so none of it really interests me. Hopefully the EA one is better.